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A 35 Day Reading Plan
Plan Overview

The book of Numbers is a travelog that spans nearly forty years—an account bookended by hope. After a year at Mount Sinai following their exodus from slavery in Egypt, the people of Israel were ready to follow God toward the promised land of Canaan. As they set out on the journey, God’s faithfulness was at the forefront of their minds. But they quickly began to doubt, veer off course, and plummet into outright rebellion. Numbers documents how this first generation spent the rest of their days in the wilderness. It ends with a new generation renewing their faith and pledge to God on the plains of Moab, with the promised land in sight once again. In this five-week study, we will walk through the highs and lows of Israel’s wilderness journey. Along the way, we’ll be reminded that even when we falter and fail, God’s faithfulness remains true at every step.