Day 1

Organization of the Camp

from the reading plan

Numbers 1:1-54, Numbers 2:1-34, Exodus 29:45-46, Revelation 21:9-22

If we were to consider what a map of our lives might look like, it probably wouldn’t appear as we expected. There are bound to be detours and dark places, unexpected joys and mountaintop moments. There’s also an invisible thread that runs through it all—God’s character is constant, and His presence pursues us.

The Old Testament book of Numbers is a kind of map. It is an account of Israel’s indirect journey from Mount Sinai to the Jordan River, the forty years between their rescue from Egypt and their arrival at the border of the promised land. Their wilderness wandering—a consequence of their disobedience—is testimony of God’s holiness. And it is a testimony of God’s faithfulness, the setting in which God demonstrates His unwavering commitment to His people by pursuing them with His presence.

Numbers is a redemption story, but not just for the generation of Israelites who ate the manna and drank water from the rock. It is a redemption story for all nations and generations. Through the person and work of Jesus, we are all invited into the presence of the God whose holiness and compassion are like no other. Jesus Christ is the bread of life, the living water, the one whose perfect obedience redeems our wandering souls.

Wherever you stand on the timeline of your life, may God meet you here as we read His Word together. By the kindness and power of the Holy Spirit, may we come to understand more fully the beauty of obedience and the goodness of God’s grace. The Lord goes with us! Thanks be to Him.

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