Day 2

Aaron’s Sons and the Levites

from the reading plan

Numbers 3:1-51, Numbers 4:1-49, Deuteronomy 18:1-5, Hebrews 7:23-28

Throughout our Numbers reading plan, we have compiled selections from both our She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth writers. The same devotionals can be found on the She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth apps and websites for the remainder of this reading plan.

We often celebrate those in the spotlight—the ones who make headlines. We follow news on musicians, buy their albums, travel to shows, find the best seats we can, and gush as they perform. We tend to elevate people because of their talent and fame. In reality, no one achieves stardom alone; there are managers, agents, stage crews, technicians, editors, family, friends, supporters, and more, all behind-the-scenes people who ensured the success of the person lauded onstage.

In the passages we read today, those behind-the-scenes people are the Levites. We know about the importance of the priests—under the law, they mediated between God and man. Atonement for sins came through the blood sacrifice that the priests performed. Aaron and his sons had those duties, and Scripture teaches that not just anyone could assume that office but that it was God who assigned it. Speaking of assignments, how did the Israelites manage all that was required for the tabernacle? Enter the Levites. The tabernacle is the place where God dwelled, and it was important to make sure it was attended to and furnished according to God’s exact instructions. Levites had duties to the Israelites and assignments to maintain the tabernacle for the priests, all with exact instructions for how it should be done.

In this job, they didn’t just have something to do—they had something significant and meaningful. The Levites were chosen to do something important. In reading about the high calling of the Levites, we can discover profound lessons in dedication, service, and grace. I found it humbling that as familiar as I am with the idea of the Old Testament’s priestly vocations, I discovered a beautiful parallel with what God’s doing today; God’s people were being taken care of by the Levites, and their role as both workers and spiritual guides underscores the inspiration we can take to serve the kingdom of God in anything we do. Spiritual leadership comes from everywhere, not just who’s headlining, at the top of the org chart, or from the one who’s in charge. 

I wouldn’t say the Levites’ role went unnoticed, but it’s definitely one to learn from. Our lives have purpose, and our service matters. Embrace your calling, and like the Levites, embrace being an essential part of God’s design.

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