Day 12

The Vineyard Owner

from the reading plan

Matthew 21:23-46

In this study of the Parables of Jesus, we are reading many of the stories Jesus used to teach hearers about how to live as His followers. Each day we’ll read parables in their immediate context, focusing on a different category of parables each week. Then we will work through a series of questions to understand the meaning of the text and take to heart the “secrets of the kingdom.”


Week 2: Parables about Repentance and Grace

Stories about other people often reveal things to us about ourselves. This week’s selection of parables all deal with themes of repentance and grace, and in them we see that Jesus meant for His parables to stir the hearts of His hearers. As you read, let these parables serve as a kind of mirror, and ask what Jesus is showing you that you might not have otherwise seen. Use the questions below to help.



1. What is the specific setting of Jesus’ parable about the vineyard owner, and how does the setting help us make sense of Jesus’ story?

2. What problem is Jesus’ parable responding to, and what is the parable’s outcome?

3. What is the central point of this parable?

4. What was the audience’s response to hearing this parable? What is yours?

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14 thoughts on "The Vineyard Owner"

  1. Josh Wood says:

    How many times will I have God put his will right in my face and turn away? How many times will I spit in his face and put him on a shelf below the things that I treat as more important? When will there be a time when I actually listen and submit to him? Can I give up that kind of control? Do I want to? Why am I so afraid? It’s not like I like who I am at this moment. It’s not like I don’t constantly fail or get in my own way when I try to do things without him. Am I too stubborn and stupid to do what has to be done? I don’t want to continue in this pattern and cycle that I’ve created. If I do, it will cost me everything. So will I listen? Or will I continue to ignore Him?

  2. Ryan Schulze says:

    The leaders of the Jewish church try to catch Jesus with a trap question and he turns it back on them and then rails on them with three different parables.

    Point for us: don’t assume your place in God’s kingdom. Listen to what he says about you, good and bad, take it for what it is. Keep your eyes open for an invitation into how he sees you.

  3. Roy Rodas says:

    1. Jesus is responding to the Pharisees, and he is likely surrounded by tax collectors and prostitutes, he tells a story of obedience and the appearance of obedience. Talking to the Pharisees he shows them that although they profess to obay the will of God, they really don’t. Yet, those that do not seem to do his will, actually do. And shows them that their actions prove truer than what their words say!
    2. He’s addressing the false lives of the Pharisees that show one thing but do another and how they have mismanaged the father’s vineyard. The son that said no, eventually obeyed and the one that said yes, never obeyed his command. Also the vineyard workers were punished for their mismanagement.
    3. That those that do the actions prove are better than those that just say the words and that if we mismanage God’s vineyard, we will be punished.
    4. The Pharisees were offended and wanted to kill Jesus, I just want my actions to line up with what I say.

  4. Kevin says:

    Day 12: 1. He’s talking to the Pharisees again. They seemed to ask a ton of questions. Jesus kinda screws with them a bit with these stories.

    2. Again, God judges the heart. He’s going to let those who first said no, but then believed in before he lets the ones who say they believe yet do not follow him.

    3. God lays out the decision for us. It’s our opportunity to take it. But more comes with taking it than people think. We are servants of the king.

    4. They were scared! They knew the power Christ had and the influence on the world he had. They wanted to arrest him but knew they couldn’t.

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