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1 & 2 Chronicles: Your People Forever (Lent 2023)

A 49 Day Reading Plan
Plan Overview

The season of Lent is a time to prepare our hearts to let the fullness of Easter take hold of us. The books of 1 & 2 Chronicles model this rhythm of reflection, looking back to the beginnings of God’s people and the highs and lows of their faithfulness and disobedience. These historical books ground God’s people in what has always been true of God and what is true of His people, calling them to center their lives on the worship of the God who reigns above every dynasty and whose kingdom will outlast every worldly power. Join us in this seven-week Lenten study as we journey through the history of God’s people in 1 & 2 Chronicles, rejoicing in the faithfulness of a God who keeps His promises to a wayward people from generation to generation. Through reading these books of Old Testament history, followed by Holy Week readings, we make our way to the cross and the empty tomb with a renewed sense of our risen King.

Day 49

Easter Sunday

Day 48

Holy Saturday

Day 47

Good Friday

Day 46

Jesus Prays for His Disciples

Day 45

The Promised Counselor

Day 44

Jesus Promises His Presence

Day 43

Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet

Day 42

Palm Sunday

Day 41

Grace Day

Day 40

The Last Kings of Judah

Day 39

King Josiah Renews the Covenant

Day 38

Manasseh's Repentance

Day 37

Renewal Under King Hezekiah

Day 36

King Ahaz's Unfaithfulness

Day 35

Weekly Truth

Day 34

Grace Day

Day 33

King Amaziah Turns from the Lord

Day 32

King Joash's Apostasy

Day 31

King Jehoram Leads Judah Astray

Day 30

King Jehoshaphat's Reforms

Day 29

Judah's King Jehoshaphat

Day 28

Weekly Truth

Day 27

Grace Day

Day 26

Revival Under King Asa

Day 25

Rehoboam Abandons God's Law

Day 24

The Queen of Sheba Seeks Solomon's Wisdom

Day 23

The Dedication of the Temple

Day 22

Building the Temple

Day 21

Weekly Truth

Day 20

Grace Day

Day 19

Solomon's Request for Wisdom

Day 18

David Commissions Solomon

Day 17

The Levitical Gatekeepers

Day 16

The Divisions of the Levites

Day 15

Preparations for the Temple

Day 14

Weekly Truth

Day 13

Grace Day

Day 12

David's Military Campaigns

Day 11

The Lord's Covenant with David

Day 10

David Gives Thanks to the Lord

Day 9

David Moves the Ark of the Covenant

Day 8

David's Anointing as King

Day 7

Weekly Truth

Day 6

Grace Day

Day 5

Resettlement in Jerusalem

Day 4

The Genealogies of the Northern and Central Tribes

Day 3

The Genealogy of the Levites

Day 2

The Genealogies of Judah and David

Day 1

From Adam to Abraham