Day 1

Remember God’s Promises

from the reading plan

Genesis 17:1-19, Genesis 26:23-25, Genesis 35:9-15, 1 Chronicles 16:14-18, Galatians 3:29, Romans 4:20-21

Change can be hard, and all the planning in the world can’t prevent it. Even our best laid plans can result in us finding ourselves smack in the middle of fear, doubt, and unknown futures. Job changes, loss, relational shifts, loved ones moving away. Most of us know what it is to walk through seasons of transition and uncertainty throughout our lives. 

The grief of change can bring with it so many questions about how to remain faithful in the right now, and looking forward can be overwhelming and so unclear. We can find ourselves letting lies from the enemy linger a little too long. What if this is the time God doesn’t come through? What if we made the wrong choice? What if we just flounder, never really finding the future God has in store?

Thankfully, several people in the Bible also faced this seemingly universal reality of uncertain futures. They too needed kind and consistent reminders from the past. In this reading plan we’ll see how throughout Scripture, remembrance brings the past reality of who God is and what He has done to bear in the present. To let it inform how we respond, live, repent, and walk with God. Reading those old journals and remembering the Scripture that had been so pivotal in earlier seasons became part of the way I could cling to past promises that were still true. I needed to recall the specific ways I had seen God’s character play out in my life. I needed to remember so I would not forget.

Difficult seasons have a way of tempting us to forget the truth—to forget that God’s promises are still true. We question God’s loyalty when we can only see the brokenness in front of us or the uncertainty of what is to come. And it’s in those moments we need reminders like Abraham, that God has been faithful to His promises, and that will still be true in our most uncertain of days. 

So, may the Lord bring to your mind what has been and remains true of Him: the universal and unique ways you have seen Him remain true to His character. And may you be reminded of this truth: He has never forgotten us.

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