Day 16

Discord and Harmony

from the reading plan

Genesis 11:1-9, Deuteronomy 32:8, Revelation 5:8-9, Revelation 7:9, Revelation 15:1-5, Revelation 21:24, Revelation 21:26

After reading today’s passages, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

In the beginning, God scattered people who did not worship Him. In the end, God’s people are one, a multicultural people united in Christ to sing His praises.

In prayer and in the comments, reflect on any images from today’s passages that were familiar to you. What images point to the different or “beyond” nature of what’s to come?

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2 thoughts on "Discord and Harmony"

  1. Mike G says:

    What a glorious time it will be when all the nations have Christians that are one in Christ and gather in the New Kingdom. I think God is working that to fruition through missionary work by the churches everywhere around the world.

    1. Phillip H says:

      Amen! He is bringing restoration and fellowship to the world!

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