Day 27

The Everlasting One Will Come Again

from the reading plan

John 14:2-3, Acts 1:3-11, Revelation 19:11-16, Revelation 22:20

Many of you know what it’s like to get your nose stuck so deep into a book that you can’t put down. We all relate to the sadness of turning the last page and closing the cover. There’s something deep within us that has a hard time with the finality of something we’ve loved. Now imagine that your best friend says, “you know they’re writing the sequel.” How do you feel? Ecstatic, I’m sure, knowing that there will soon again be more of what you love. 

We’re actually living in this truth right now. We’re taking specific time this season to pause and remember how Jesus has come and is coming again. The reality of Jesus’s return is a sure one.

Let’s consider what Scripture has to share with us about this idea. On the last night Jesus had with His disciples before His betrayal and crucifixion, Jesus was speaking about His departure. Though the disciples couldn’t go with Him, He did say He would make ready their place in His Father’s house. He gave them a beautiful promise: “I will come again and take you to myself” (John 14:2–3).

In a moment of candid admission, I sometimes have a hard time imagining Jesus coming back even though Jesus promised His return several times. Jesus used many illustrations to show His promise, but I have trouble picturing it. Is it because of a lack of creativity that I can’t picture it? Is it that it’s not internalized enough? Or is it that I’m not setting my mind on it and eagerly waiting in anticipation? 

All of this aside, I’ve found something that helps: when I dwell on the Holy Spirit, I want more of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus ascended into heaven to prepare our place, to be with God, and to prepare the world for His return, He left us with the promise of the Holy Spirit, and I am so very grateful for this promise. I have felt the power of the Spirit, and I’ve experienced the gifts given to me through His power. I’m beyond words when trying to express gratitude for the way the Spirit has interceded for me when I couldn’t find the right thing to say…and this season has made it so clear. Though I’ve never physically walked with Jesus, I don’t live without His Helper. Jesus didn’t leave us hanging, and there’s no empty interlude. It’s a beautiful story. 

Pray with me: Jesus, You not only came, but You will come again. Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of You in Scripture. Thank You for making the promise more real to me than ever, and teaching me to engage who You are, where You are, and reminding me that You are everlasting.

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