Day 3

Faith in Action

from the reading plan

Romans 2:1-16, Psalm 51:1-12, James 1:22-25

Note: The devotional for She Reads Truth was inadvertently published on both sites. The correct He Reads Truth devotional for 7/13/23 is now below.

Let me hold up a mirror to our lives today. Actually, let’s allow God to hold the mirror up so we can look deeply at ourselves. Here’s the issue that confronts us: we act as if the mirror is a window through which we can look out onto the world and cast judgment. So we take the biblical standards and become frustrated, even angry, when our neighbors and culture violate those standards. We believe that we are in the right, so we stand with judgmental hearts of superiority against everything and everyone that is wrong in the world. 

The problem with looking at a mirror as if it is a window is that we look right through ourselves and ignore seeing the problems of our own hearts and lives. Somehow we stand at the window and shout to the world, “you’re doing it wrong!” all the while failing to see that we are just as guilty for our proud and judgmental hearts. 

But let’s lean into what Paul says, “you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the same things” (Romans 2:1). Do you see what Paul calls out in us? It’s not just that we judge; we, in fact, “do the same things.” Do you see yourself in the mirror? 

Have you ever found yourself assuming you are right because you go to a particular church, espouse a certain doctrinal perspective, or align with a specific political party? It’s easy to believe that as long as you have knowledge of the Bible, you’re taken care of and there’s no need to be bothered with concern for others and the judgment ahead of them. However, the mirror of God’s Word shows us something about our hearts—we’re no different, and in fact, we’re, too, deserve the righteous judgment of God. The mirror brings into focus our “unrepentant heart[s]” (v.5) and that we are due the same judgment. 

But what do you see if you look at the mirror of God’s Word?

In my life, I see a lot of work still to be done—specifically, the work of repentance and faith. We must express a turn of our hearts away from looking through a window and throwing rocks at the world around us. We need to look in the mirror, see our uncleanliness, and seek the kindness of the Lord to wash us through the finished cross-work of Christ. Take courage in Him; we can bear the fruit of faith: obedience, love, and honor to God and love towards our neighbors. 

Friend, what do you see in the mirror? 

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9 thoughts on "Faith in Action"

  1. Mike G says:

    Amen and AMEN! May we always seek guidance from our Holy Spirit as we go through each day. Help me Lord every minute of every hour to be in tune with your spirit!

  2. John Normans says:

    Someone needs to do a better job proofing this page before posting. Reading the article It would appear the author attributed to this devotional is married to a man and that the author also addressing the audience as fellow “sisters”…

    1. Jeremy Writebol says:

      Agreed John.

      This is not the post I wrote for today.

      1. Jray says:

        It was a great devotional from she reads truth. I do look forward to reading your devotional also Jeremy when they get this fixed.

    2. He Reads Truth says:

      The SRT devotional was published to both sites today by mistake. We’ve updated the material and the devotional for today can now be found above.

      1. Jray says:

        Great devotional Jeremy! Thanks He Reads Truth for getting this fixed!

  3. Stephen says:

    Yes I thought it was odd to this felt like it should hhave been on she reads truth.

    Lord help me to take care of the log in my own eye before I look at the spec in someone else’s.

  4. Mitchell Hartley says:

    Is this the right reading plan for the day? This seems to be the one from SheReadsTruth

    1. He Reads Truth says:

      The SRT devotional was published to both sites today by mistake. We’ve updated the material and the devotional for today can now be found above.

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