Day 32

Jesus’s Death and Burial

from the reading plan

Luke 23:44-49, Matthew 27:45-56, Luke 23:50-56

This is the pivotal moment. The literal crux of Jesus’s identity is exposed right here in three hours. The contrasting experiences of those hours lay bare our own responses to this man. We’re forced to ask the question, what do we make of Jesus? Who do we believe Him to be? The crucifixion of Christ offers us no room to straddle a fine line between two apparent extremes. 

It’s noon, the middle of the day, yet darkness covers the whole land. From Luke’s account, Jesus cries out, entrusting Himself to His Father one last time (Luke 23:46). Matthew’s account draws out Jesus’s cry of anguish apart from the Father as stated in Psalm 22:1 (Matthew 27:46). Some stand around reviling, antagonizing, mocking the man on the cross. His friends and followers, including several women, stand there, albeit at a distance, perhaps fearful of drawing too close. 

Friends, who do we believe Jesus to be? Of what significance do we hold His life and death in our lives? 

Listen to the voices that spoke in those final hours. Do you hear your voice among them? Is there skepticism, questioning, and arguing against what Jesus is saying (vv.27–48)? What about disappointment, looking for the spectacle of the cross to fulfill a need for entertainment (Luke 23:48)? Or perhaps there is the voice of worship and faith. “Truly this man was the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:54). Could the voice of adoration be yours, seeking to honor and uphold the dignity of the man who was so violently desecrated by the rulers and powers of this world (Luke 23:50–53)? 

What we make of Jesus—His identity, actions, words, and death—reveal our own position and heart toward Him. There at the center of the moment is Jesus Christ, crucified. 

I plead with you to believe in Him. Don’t stare in disbelief or antagonism. Look at His cross and understand, more than that, believe! Believe that Jesus is the righteous One who lived a holy and perfect life. Believe that He is the holy and perfect substitute and sacrifice for our sins and rebellion against God. Believe that Jesus came and died for you! Put all your hope, faith, and trust in His care. 

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2 thoughts on "Jesus’s Death and Burial"

  1. Allen says:

    He paid a price He didn’t owe. He was a spotless lamb sacrificed for my sins that I might be forgiven and inherent the fruits of His righteousness.

  2. Rob says:

    Amen and Amen thank you Jesus for saving me from my sins!

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