Day 29

Jesus’s Last Supper

from the reading plan

Luke 22:1-38

The Passover in ancient Israel was a big deal…a really big deal.

After God led Israel out of Egyptian bondage, He commanded them to observe Passover to commemorate the unforgettable night when God’s judgment struck down every firstborn male in Egypt and passed over every Israelite home covered in the sacrificial blood of an unblemished yearling lamb. The weeklong Passover celebration was an important moment in Israel; it marked the start of the annual Jewish calendar. It was a powerful reminder to God’s people of His mighty deliverance.

More than a thousand years later, Jesus gathered with His disciples in an upper room to observe this sacred occasion—a moment we call the Lord’s Supper. He passed around a piece of unleavened bread and a cup of wine, of which His friends all partook, even Judas Iscariot. “Do this,” He said, “in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19). At that moment, a centuries-old festival found its glorious fulfillment in heaven’s humble Servant King and became a lasting ordinance for the Church.

As the evening progressed, Jesus taught His disciples about true greatness. He foretold Peter’s impending trial. He warned His friends of the hardships they would face as His followers. Hours before His unimaginable sufferings began, Christ was completely focused on others. Then, after Judas had slithered off into the darkness, Jesus took His disciples to Gethsemane.

Jesus knew what was coming. That evening’s events had been written in heaven’s books before time began. As both fully God and fully man, Christ understood His true purpose and resolutely moved forward despite being clothed in the frailties of human flesh. What great resolve! What redemptive purpose! What striking humility! What great love!

Soon after the disciples broke bread that evening, Jesus gave up His body to be broken for us. Shortly after they drank the wine, Jesus drank from the cup of God’s holy wrath on our behalf. On the day of Unleavened Bread, when the Passover lamb was to be sacrificed, the true Lamb went willingly to the altar of supreme suffering for our sake.

Many of us have read about the Lord’s Supper countless times. But its life-changing truth still cries out! May we not pass over it unmoved. May we not walk away unchanged. Just as the Passover was a powerful reminder for ancient Israel, this passage serves as a divine reminder for us today.

The eternal Son of God became the Suffering Servant. He offered Himself up for our sake. His body was broken. His blood was spilled. His sacrifice purchased everything we’ve ever needed.

As we consider the Lord’s Supper, may we meditate on the riches of God’s mercy toward us in Christ. May we marvel again at the glories of the Savior’s sacrifice. May we worship and follow the true Passover Lamb, broken and poured out for us.

Lord Jesus, we do this in remembrance of You.

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2 thoughts on "Jesus’s Last Supper"

  1. Rob says:

    What a wonderful savior we have even when I let him down and don’t deserve forgiveness ,He lifts me up and loves me I can’t understand that kind of love ,it goes against everything. I pray for compassion for others that I can see others like Jesus sees me.

  2. Allen says:

    Even Judas ate. Jesus sat at the table and broke bread w the disciples including the one He knew just moments later would betray him…and He served him. We’re called to serve those who despise and mistreat us as well.

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