Day 24

Instructions for the Priestly Garments

from the reading plan

Exodus 28:1-43, Ezekiel 44:15-19, Ezekiel 44:23-29, Psalm 29:2, 1 Peter 2:4-5

When doctors perform a surgery, they have their mandate for scrubbing in and gearing up. Navy Seals can’t go behind enemy lines in basketball shorts and sandals; they wear what’s needed to fulfill their mission. God gave His priests a dress code too.

The Lord commanded His priests to abide by a dress code, one that communicated glory and beauty. While interceding on behalf of the Israelites, the priests were clothed with gold, jewels, and medallions, a testament to God’s provision. They had to wear the proper clothes to do the job. 

The priests were addressed with a sermon as they served God’s people and went before Him. When He told them: “You are to make a pure gold medallion and engrave it, like the engraving of a seal: HOLY TO THE LORD” (Exodus 28:36), He was reminding the priests that they had been set apart to serve. They wore those articles, “so that they may find acceptance with the LORD” (v.38), and so that when they minister, “they do not incur guilt and die” (v.43). 

What can we wear so we don’t incur guilt and keel over before the Lord God? What can we put on so we can find acceptance with the God of the universe? What could possibly cover us that will make us holy to the Lord? 

Christ Jesus. He’s made us a part of His royal priesthood and His kingdom. 

The crucified and risen Christ gives us the garments of His righteousness—the covering of Himself—to make us holy, acceptable, and able to serve in His kingdom. “For those of you who were baptized into Christ have been clothed with Christ” (Galatians 3:27) and are holy to the Lord because Christ is your uniform. In Christ, we will not incur guilt and die before the Lord because Jesus has made us acceptable before the Father.  

Let’s live and serve in the confidence and acceptance of Christ. As the priesthood of believers and as citizens of the kingdom, we’ve already been clothed with everything we’ll ever need: the glory and beauty of Christ alone. Because of His precious blood, we are now clothed and unashamed.

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