Day 16

1 & 2 Chronicles

from the reading plan

1 Chronicles 29:10-22, 2 Chronicles 7:1-22, Revelation 5:13

This Is the Old Testament is part of a twelve-week thematic overview of the entire Bible. Each day we’ll read a thematic selection from a different book or two of the Bible, along with supplemental passages that show how the theme of that day’s main reading is found throughout Scripture. We’ll also read a brief summary of each book and a reflection on how the book fits into the larger story of Scripture. This week, we’ll finish the Historical Books and move into the genre of Wisdom Literature.

What Is 1 Chronicles? The book of 1 Chronicles provides a history of Israel from a priestly perspective, focusing on David’s kingship through the start of Solomon’s reign.

What Is 2 Chronicles? The books of 1 & 2 Chronicles were originally one literary unit. What is now known as 2 Chronicles continues recording the history of Israel from a priestly perspective. It documents the history of Judah from Solomon’s construction of the temple in Jerusalem to the Babylonians taking Judah captive and destroying the temple.

How 1 & 2 Chronicles Fit Into the Story: 1 & 2 Chronicles bring together historical events, temple rituals, accounts of sin and judgment, and even some psalms. Together, these books give us the big picture of the Old Testament, capturing the Davidic covenant (2Sm 7:9–16) in light of Israel’s history, while pointing to the eternal continuation of that covenant through the reign of the Messiah.

Reflection Questions:
1. How does God’s response to Solomon’s prayer and the dedication of the temple in 2 Chronicles 7 demonstrate what God values?
2. How does today’s reading shape your understanding of the story of redemption?

Take time to reflect on your responses and share what you are learning with others in the community in the comments.

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