Day 17

I Will Provide for You

from the reading plan

Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 6:25-34, Matthew 7:7-11, Philippians 4:10-20, Psalm 23:1-6, James 1:17

God will provide for you. This may seem like the easiest promise for God to fulfill, but for some of us it can be the most difficult to believe.

Since the beginning, God has been our Provider, giving us the air in our lungs and the food in our bellies (Genesis 1:29; 2:7). But with the first temptation, our relationship with God’s provision has changed. The serpent convinced Adam and Eve that God was holding out on us, that it might be better if we provided for ourselves (Genesis 3:4–5). And that lie has governed much of our behavior ever since. We may still want God’s gifts, but in our sin, we want them on our own terms.

When Jesus came, He modeled dependence on God, forsaking worry and the cares of this world for a life of contentment and abundance. He spoke truth to break the devil’s ancient lie, declaring that whatever we may build for ourselves on earth will crumble in the end; only that which is eternal—what is stored up in heaven—will last (Matthew 6:19–20). And He reminded people what had always been true: that “every good and perfect gift is from above” (James 1:17). God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers of the field, and we are much more valuable than these (Matthew 6:25–34). But greater than any gift from the Father’s hand is the Father Himself. As long as we have Him, we can have joy, for He is enough (Philippians 4:12–13).

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