Day 3


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Genesis 15:1-6, Exodus 4:10-16, Deuteronomy 10:17-21, Matthew 14:22-32, John 20:24-29, 1 Corinthians 8:5-6, Revelation 17:14

In this Names of God reading plan, we are learning more about God by studying the names given to Him in Scripture. Rather than having our writers share their own reflections on these passages, we’ve instead provided research-rich content to aid in your study of each day’s featured name of God, including the background of the name(s), a brief explanation of the character of God emphasized by the name(s), and a reflection question to help you dig deeper into the text.


Adonay (Hebrew), Kurios (Greek)

In the Old Testament, adonay, or “lord,” was a common way to refer to God. It comes from the word used to describe human masters who ruled over servants. The Israelites used it verbally instead of pronouncing the name Yahweh, and it communicated their reverence for the Holy God of Israel as their ruler and ultimate authority. Adonay is a reminder that we serve a holy, sovereign God who is Lord over all.

Kurios, or “lord” in the New Testament, was used to show respect to people with authority like emperors or masters. It is used to describe both God the Father and Jesus the Son in the New Testament. When followers of Jesus called Him “lord,” they showed Him honor. In Paul’s letters, he used the word as a title for the risen Jesus. “Lord Jesus Christ” became a primary way to refer to Him, implying He shared the authority of the God of Israel. Kurios is a powerful name of honor for Jesus.

A title of honor, respecting the authority and ruling power of God

What does this name teach me about God?

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12 thoughts on "Lord"

  1. Troy says:

    Lord – adonai; kurios
    This name recalls the authority of God — as the One who has created and who empowers everything. As he says to Moses… “who made man or gives him the ability to speak?” (paraphrase). The fact that Jesus is Lord and possesses all authority reminds me that I can step into whatever He calls me to and trust that He is able to equip and empower me to do whatever He wills. I can do things in weakness and he can give those same things great power. We do our part and trust Him to do His part.

  2. Joshua H. says:

    The name Lord shows respect for God as our sovereign. It shouldn’t be misused.

  3. Ryan Orndorff says:

    We serve an almighty God. One who is referred to as sovereign and Lord overall! Even though the Lord is the name above all the scripture from Deuteronomy (10:17-21) shows us that our Lord shows no favoritism and loves ALL.

  4. Patrick says:

    The passage about Moses arguing with God about going back to Egypt was especially meaningful because I often forget how intimately involved in our lives God is. It is He who makes the blind see and the deaf here and opens the mouth of the mute. It is He who ordains the separation and life cycle of our cells, who opens and closes wombs, who grants favor among men. God has been faithful to me to open doors and guide and direct me throughout all of my life. I need to be reminded of that all the time so that I rely on Him and trust in Him. I’ve been consumed with anxiety the last couple of days and every day there seems to be a new something to challenge my very tenuous emotional stability, something new to make me anxious or worried. Whether it be finances or family health or work, all seems to be held in such a delicate balance that the slightest bump could throw it all into disarray. But that is a reminder of how I have no control over these things but must trust in the LORD to take care of me, to provide. My goal today is to surrender all those worries and to pray expectantly that God would provide and be patient with me as He was with Moses.

  5. Jacob Hendricks says:

    The LORD has supreme authority over all. Where were we when the sea was created and the stars were placed ? We can be confident that when He calls us to join in His mission to save the lost that He will provide us with the help we need.

    When we are faced with fear and anxieties, we can be comforted at the reality that He is in complete control.

  6. Kevin says:

    Day 3: This is dope! I’ve always called our God different names in prayer and in discussion, but what a neat way to find out more about the names of God and what they mean! Lord being the reminder that we serve a holy and sovereign God, who has authority of all. Glad to finally have meaning behind our names of God. ⚒

  7. Blake WOODS says:

    If God and Jesus are both truly the Lord I read about today, the. I have no business giving my heart, time, and ultimate efforts towards anything else. Praise be to Jesus, the risen King, let my actions and speech today exalt him as the rightful Lord over my life.

  8. Ryan Miller says:

    The title Lord should remind me that I was never intended to be in charge of my own life. God created us and is a good master. We should regularly submit ourselves to Him as Lord.

    I also found it interesting that in a majority of the example passages, it was God’s people not trusting Gods plan and wanting to do something different. I love that God doesn’t angrily give up on us. He brings us along and helps us as we learn to trust Him more and more. God is a good Lord and Master!

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