Day 2

The Day of the Lord

from the reading plan

Joel 1:15-20, Joel 2:1-11, Psalm 43:4, Romans 10:13

People rarely read the Minor Prophets. That’s no secret. They’re mostly short books, so they’re often flipped right over on accident, and they’re usually not real peachy. The book of Joel isn’t much different.

Joel is a textbook prophet, though. The prophets’ ultimate job was to pronounce, on behalf of the LORD, blessing and judgment on God’s people. If they obeyed God, they’d be rewarded. If they disobeyed, they would experience His wrath. We should not avoid these parts of Scripture because they’re terrifying or seem less important than, say, the book of Psalms or the Gospels. But every word of God’s Word has a word for us. Yes, even the book of Joel.

No doubt, it can be difficult to read passages like today’s and find them applicable to us. But that may be, at least in part, because we don’t understand the goodness of God’s warning of judgment. None of us like to be disciplined, but as we’re told in Hebrews, our Father’s discipline is for our good. Good dads discipline their children (Hebrews 12:6-11).

In this passage, we see words like “tremble” and “devastation,” but we also see the promise of God’s salvation. God disciplines because He loves, and He judges because He cares about righteousness. His awesome presence ought to cause holy fear and trembling, and yet, we also know that He is good and merciful to those who love Him.

Remember the words of Romans 10:13: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” This is why Jesus was sent into the world. In love, the Father sent Him for our salvation. He saw our sin, and sent His Son to die for it. He heard our cries, even the cries we didn’t know how to let out (Romans 8:26-27).

If His coming brings fear in your heart, if His discipline feels too strong, you’re invited to cry out to Him. He is not detached. He listens. He hears. He responds. Call on His name.

Written by Brandon D. Smith

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5 thoughts on "The Day of the Lord"

  1. Yad Henriquez says:

    The judgement of God can only be resolved by Him, for Him and through Him. The only acceptable is true repentance and putting our trust in Jesus . Good news God does not give up on His people.

    I thank God, for this privilege to access His throne of grace through the finished work of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Ronald Douglas says:

    I don’t think it is a secret that the times that were in aren’t good. When you read these passages it sounds as if we’re talking about now. I can honestly say it does sound terrifying to hear those words. However, there is reassurance that God Protects his people. It is up to us to cry and obey. I know I struggle in this area with so much going on in my life. I pray that God continues to lead me and give me guidance. Thank you Lord

  3. Jason Ross says:

    Without seeing the darkness that our sin causes, it’s harder to appreciate the reality and the weight of salvation. It’s not just being accepted on to a team. It’s truly being saved from death…to life.

  4. Sam H says:

    The Lord will fight for righteousness. Whether we realize it or not, that is an act of love for us. He truly knows what righteousness is, and knows that the absence of it leads to ultimate destruction. Which that the absence of righteousness is a symptom of lack of obedience to Him. By chastising His children, He is displaying them in a way that’ll lead us back to His presence. He is truly a loving God.

  5. Kevin says:

    Day 2: Gods judgement is good for us. When we fall short, rely on ourselves, chase after selfish ambitions, when the Lord pulls our feet out from under us, it’s good. When things don’t go our way, it’s good. We don’t always need to know exactly what Gods doing, but that he’s doing it to bring glory to his name. I definitely do not want to be some sort of obstacle for the lord, but someone who pushes his plan forward.

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