Day 7

Weekly Truth

from the reading plan

1 Samuel 8:7

Memorizing Scripture is a way to carry God’s Word with you wherever you go, keeping God-breathed instruction, reproof, and truth in your heart and mind each day.

As we read through 1 & 2 Samuel together, we will memorize five pivotal verses from these books. This week we are memorizing the key verse for 1 Samuel, a turning point in the story of God’s people: Israel asked for a king.

But the Lᴏʀᴅ told him, “Listen to the people and everything they say to you. They have not rejected you; they have rejected me as their king.”
-1 Samuel 8:7

Write this passage down, keep it in your wallet, post it on your mirror or at your desk — anywhere you will see it often. Save the image below as a lock screen on your phone so you can read these words throughout the day.

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2 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Anthony Caligaris says:

    At the risk of feeling self-important, or perhaps “human-important,” I feel as though this passage illustrates how we, as Christians, can help others find their way to God.

    I live in an area where God is largely rejected. But people are not comprehensively rejected. Like Samuel, our charge is to remain faithful to God, and help those who are “lost,” find their way Home.

    This relates directly to God putting you in position to further His kingdom, but let’s not forget it is through Him. He does not NEED us, be grateful for this opportunity.

  2. Kim says:


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