Day 10

The Root of Jesse

from the reading plan

Isaiah 10:5-34, Isaiah 11:1-16, Isaiah 12:1-6, Romans 8:19-22

If you are like me, way past your athletic prime (and not in CrossFit), hanging on the monkey bars for longer than a few seconds is excruciating and terrifying. My shoulders, arms, hands—my whole body—yell at my brain, demanding I let go. No reward could get me zooming down those bars. If you offered to pay off my house, pay for my kids to go to college, and took care of my bills for the rest of my life, but I had to make it across those bars to get the goods, I couldn’t do it. Someone would have to physically carry me. I need the strength of another.

Those awful monkey bars remind me of my complete inability to save myself. I can’t even conquer a fixture on a playground; I’d destroy myself if I thought I could handle my eternity with my own hands.

Right now, in this moment, we need supernatural strength to make it to eternity. How in the world will we make it when the waves of the world pummel us? How can we endure when the satanic powers strategize, flank us, and lure us in, day after day? The Lord is our strength. That’s how.

In Christ, the Root of Jesse, your great God and Savior, you have the Strength of strengths. The Almighty One is on your side. He’s in your corner. He’s filled you with His Spirit. Jesus was nailed to the cross for your sins, and He rose from the dead for your life—this life now and the life to come.

What alternate power supplies are you trusting? No amount of protein would get me across those monkey bars, and no amount of sola-bootstrapa (pulling yourself up by your own boot straps) will change your life. God is your salvation. God is your change agent. Are you trusting God’s power more than your own?

Our inability is no reason to hang our heads. Many men will feel their pride take a hit when they realize they can’t change themselves. Good. Let’s be humbled by the mercy and power of God—and let’s sing because of it. He is our song. He is our reason to rejoice.

Written by J. A. Medders

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3 thoughts on "The Root of Jesse"

  1. Ken Fuller says:

    These are awesome devos. They get to the heart of the message in Isaiah. I wish we hadn’t lost all those posting here. You were adding so much to each day. Bless all who come here.

  2. David Grueser says:

    It is always a great reminder that our strength will never be enough and that reliance on Christ is so beautiful. Let’s not put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect.

  3. Brian Rants says:

    Man I needed this today. I’ve been giving my all at work on a project that just seems opposed…by the enemy, by our broken world. It’s not about my strength. Lord I will be faithful, but it is your strength, you hand that must move. And I will trust you even when I cannot understand. Lord have Your way.

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