Day 4

Wedding Day

from the reading plan

Song of Songs 3:6-11, Psalm 144:1-15, Luke 12:22-31

I will never forget my wedding day. I was filled with great excitement, but also fear and anxiety about the future. I was asking myself, Can you really do this? Can you take care of her?

I’m sure others wondered this about me as well. The people at our wedding did not only expect to see the bride; they were also looking to me. I was the man who was saying I would take on the responsibility to provide for and love this woman with everything I had. And if I didn’t have what that took, I would do whatever was necessary to acquire it. I felt like all eyes were on me, along with a lot of expectations.

Had I let them, my fears and expectations would have paralyzed me, leaving me unable to live out the great joy and honor of being a husband. I wanted people to see in me the ability to commit to this woman forever. This is what a groom is supposed to feel—a determination to love and provide, no matter what. And this is how Christ loves the Church—with an unwavering commitment.

Song of Song 3:6-11 describes the commitment of the groom. He will give everything he has to take care of his bride. For Christians, the groom is Jesus, who perfectly commits to His beloved and to her heart because He alone has the character and strength to do it.

We don’t just need the example of Jesus; we need to know the reality of His love for us. When we see the perfect Groom, we learn what it looks like to be faithful and loving in all of our relationships. Because of Jesus, we can rest secure in knowing that God our Father has equipped us with what we need to provide for our families and love the people in our lives well.

Jesus is preparing a place in His Father’s house for us, where we will dwell with Him for all eternity. We can look to Jesus, seeing His faithfulness and character, and be confident that He can love us and provide us with all we need. He is making a home for us.

With great joy a man stands up at his wedding, committing all of himself to the flourishing of the woman he loves. So it is with our Lord. Jesus Christ, with great joy, loves us at the expense of Himself, and He gives us everything we need to find our home with Him.

May we follow with our eyes fixed on Jesus—our example and the One who gives us the strength to give our lives away in love.

Written By Jevon Washington

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2 thoughts on "Wedding Day"

  1. Rob says:

    It’s an honor to take the role of husband. One with much responsibility that I shouldn’t take lightly.

  2. Logan says:

    It’s a big task, but one we do joyfully.

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