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A 14 Day Reading Plan
Plan Overview

Home. It’s what God’s people longed for during their years of exile. Rebellion and spiritual amnesia landed the Israelites under foreign rule and captivity. Yet God was still there, always preserving a faithful few to return to the land He had given to them. Ezra, a priest and scribe, was part of God’s work to rebuild this very imperfect, but beloved and chosen, people. As God regathered His people to their home, Ezra helped usher them toward right worship and right living with Him. The restoration process was far from easy or conflict-free. Realigning their lives with God’s Word would come at a cost. Yet, no matter the challenges or oppositions, with God's guidance, there was hope for a new future. In this two-week study of the Old Testament book of Ezra, we will remember the faithfulness of God who keeps His promises to His people. Join us in celebrating the restoration and renewal that is only possible through Him.