Day 10

Suffering and Healing

from the reading plan

Genesis 2:8-9, Genesis 2:15-17, Genesis 3:1-6, Genesis 3:22, Genesis 6:5-6, Psalm 6:6, Psalm 39:12, Revelation 21:4-6, Revelation 22:1-3

After reading today’s passages, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

In the beginning, the fall introduced pain, tears, and suffering. In the end, God comforts His people, removes crying and pain, and honors those who have suffered. The curse is removed, and people can eat from the healing tree of life. 

In prayer and in the comments, reflect on the images from today’s passages that were familiar to you. How do you see God working to bring the comfort of the promised new creation to your life now?

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