Day 1

Gabriel Predicts Jesus’s Birth

from the reading plan

Luke 1:1-38

Dimension and perspective can bring depth and color to what we already know. Seeing an epic film in a theater will always win over watching it on a TV screen. Your favorite song by your favorite band hits differently when you’re in the live audience. A photo of the beach at sunset can’t capture the experience of standing on the shore.

This is how we felt when developing this reading plan. In synthesizing the three narratives of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, we found ourselves getting lost in the story, seeing anew the unchanging beauty and glory of Jesus.

These three books of the Bible, collectively known as the Synoptic Gospels, were written by three different people, from three unique perspectives, to record the life of Jesus on Earth. For the first time as a He Reads Truth community, we will study these books alongside one another, exploring the different movements of Jesus’s life and ministry. We’ll look through three unique lenses to see how Jesus—fully God and fully human—lived, how He responded to the people around Him, and how He interacted with God the Father. We’ll ask ourselves questions like, “Who is Jesus?” and “What am I noticing about the way Jesus lived His life?” We’ll look to Scripture to learn about Jesus and from Jesus, inviting His life to shape our own. 

As you read over the next five weeks, we pray that you, too, will get lost in the story. May the combined perspectives of these three Gospels give you a fuller, deeper knowledge of the life and person of Jesus Christ. 

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  1. Mary Trela says:


  2. Sean says:

    I am a few days behind this starting but I am excited to dive into the story of Jesus. I pray that he gives us a new lens to see him through which will cause us to see and love others differently. Hope you guys have a great day!

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