Day 16

For He Rescues and Delivers

from the reading plan

Daniel 6:1-28, Psalm 37:1-11, Isaiah 26:3-4, James 1:2-5

The Wild Boars had been there before. So, when someone suggested exploring a nearby cave after soccer practice one day, none of them gave it a second thought. But, they forgot about how the rainy season in Thailand might affect their plans. 

Unknown to them, things inside the Tham Luang cave had changed dramatically, and their adventure quickly turned into a nightmare. As they went deeper into the cave, floodwaters rose behind them. Eventually, they were cut off from the entrance and had to take refuge on a shelf approximately 2.5 miles into the cave system. They had no food and no supplies—and no way out.

So, for two weeks in the summer of 2018, the world watched and prayed as rescuers tried to figure out how to extract thirteen young soccer players from the flooded cave in northern Thailand. 

Thankfully, parents and local residents had quickly discovered the boys’ bikes and backpacks near the cave’s entrance. The challenge of navigating the flooded passages, though, required experts. Even then, it took several days before experienced divers from around the world could devise a plan to get the team out before the cave completely flooded. In the end, all thirteen boys and their coach were rescued.

Some might label the Wild Boars’ rescue a miracle, but it doesn’t really compare to the rescue Daniel experienced. Daniel’s enemies had plotted to kill him in a lions’ den, and their plan basically went off without a hitch, except for one thing: Daniel didn’t die. God’s angel shut the lions’ mouths and spared God’s prophet from being dismembered and consumed. 

While the deliverance was amazing, it’s also interesting to reflect on Daniel’s response. Scripture doesn’t describe Daniel worrying about the law against prayer or arguing over the death sentence. He never pointed a finger at his accusers. From what we can tell, he never even showed a hint of fear.

You can do that when your trust rests completely in the God who “rescues and delivers” (Daniel 6:27). When your God can perform “signs and wonders,” you don’t have to be paralyzed by anxiety or worry. It’s also worth noting that Daniel ultimately wasn’t the one encouraging people to trust God without fear. While he certainly acknowledged the Lord as his deliverer, his boss—a pagan king—actually issued the decree at the end of the passage. Darius confessed to the world that Daniel’s God rules everything and rescued His servant from the lions. 

That’s how God works. When He rescues us from our fears, outsiders and skeptics take notice. 

You may need a rescue in your life today. God is still in the rescue business. He can still deliver you from whatever fears flood your life or threaten to tear you apart. He is still in control. 

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  1. Dave M says:

    While I know much in the Old Testament speaks to the coming Messiah, I had not previously noticed that Daniel’s time in the Lion’s Den was a corollary to that of Jesus (complete with the sealed stone). The fact that Jesus emerged alive and well, just like Daniel, is a reminder that our God is in the repeat performance business. In what ways can He bring us out of impossible situations for His glory?

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