Day 5


from the reading plan

Acts 1:4-11, Acts 2:1-13, Joel 2:28-32, John 14:15-31

This Is the New Testament is part of a twelve-week thematic overview of the entire Bible. As we read, we’ll gain a broader understanding of the redemptive story of Scripture. Each day we’ll read a thematic selection from a different book of the Bible, along with supplemental passages that show how the theme of that day’s main reading is found throughout Scripture. We’ll also read a brief summary of each book and a reflection on how the book fits into the larger story of Scripture.

What Is Acts? The book of Acts is the second volume written by Luke. It continues where the Gospel of Luke ends, recording the work of the early apostles to spread the gospel in Jerusalem and the greater Mediterranean world. This historical account also documents how the early Church was built—person by person in city after city—through the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit. 

How Acts Fits Into the Story: The book of Acts bridges the years between those who walked with Jesus firsthand and those who came to faith through their testimony. This book shows the fulfillment of Jesus’s promise to send the Holy Spirit to His disciples, and how the Holy Spirit sustained, equipped, and grew the early Church. It also gives us context for much of the New Testament, especially Paul’s letters to the churches he helped establish during his missionary journeys.

Reflection Questions:
1. According to Acts 1:8, what is one purpose of the Holy Spirit? How does today’s reading expand your understanding of who the Holy Spirit is?
2. How does today’s reading shape your understanding of the story of redemption?

Take time to reflect on your responses and share what you are learning with others in the community in the comments.

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