Day 8


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Joshua 1:1-18, Matthew 28:16-20, Hebrews 13:5-6

This Is the Old Testament is part of a twelve-week thematic overview of the entire Bible. Each day we’ll read a thematic selection from a different book of the Bible, along with supplemental passages that show how the theme of that day’s main reading is found throughout Scripture. We’ll also read a brief summary of each book and a reflection on how the book fits into the larger story of Scripture. This week, we move from the Pentateuch into the second section of the Old Testament, the Historical Books.

What Is Joshua? The book of Joshua records God’s fulfillment of the renewed covenant in Deuteronomy and describes Israel’s entry into the promised land under Joshua’s guidance.

How Joshua Fits Into the Story: Joshua narrates Israel’s journey to the promised land, where the nation received its promised inheritance. Miraculous events, such as the crossing of the Jordan River, marked the Israelites’ journey. God gave Israel victories, but each victory required a step of faith. God’s holiness and provision are evident throughout this book, reminding future generations of His covenant faithfulness to His people.

Reflection Questions:
1. In light of Joshua 1, how does the promise of God’s presence change how you live?
2. How does today’s reading shape your understanding of the story of redemption?

Take time to reflect on your responses and share what you are learning with others in the community in the comments.

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4 thoughts on "Joshua"

  1. Joe says:

    I’m not completely sure what this means right now, in the scheme of things, but I noticed a stark contrast between what Joshua will be commanded to do and what the disciples were commanded in Matthew 28. Joshua and the Israelites are commanded to go in, destroy, and cast out the people. In Matthew, Jesus commands His disciples to go out, save, and bring the people in.

    Like I said, I’m not exactly sure what all that means i just thought it was interesting.

  2. Aaron says:

    This may be a dumb question but what is the second question referring to when it says “the story of redemption”? I’m assuming it’s referring to Jesus redeeming us of our sins, but I wanna make sure.

    (Great reading today! Feel very inspired 🥰)

    1. Charlie says:

      Aaron, I don’t think it’s a dumb question at all. I don’t think as a kid in Sunday school, or even as a grownup, teachers didn’t really connect the dots for me that the Bible is a continuous story woven together pointing to Jesus. I look at the Old Testament as a really good opening that establishes how broken and desperately we need a savior. Even as a people that God set aside, Israel needed constant correction and reminders directly from God (as do I). Even with a system of laws to remain set apart, Israel continued to mess up (as do I). All of this leaves me wondering, how can humanity be saved.. enter Jesus…

      So I think all that to say, I read the question to be how does the book of Joshua fit into that bigger themed narrative? I see it as a momentary blip where Israel is aligned to follow God before later chapters where they screw it all up again 😁).

      1. Aaron says:

        That makes so much sense. Thank you Charlie! Have a blessed day ☺️

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