Day 17

The Good Samaritan

from the reading plan

Luke 10:21-37

In this study of the Parables of Jesus, we are reading many of the stories Jesus used to teach hearers about how to live as His followers. Each day we’ll read parables in their immediate context, focusing on a different category of parables each week. Then we will work through a series of questions to understand the meaning of the text and take to heart the “secrets of the kingdom.”


Week 3: Parables about following Jesus

Many of the parables Jesus told have to do with what it means to follow Him in this life. Addressing topics from anxiety and fear, to compassion for our neighbors and commitment to the truth, Jesus uses common scenarios and familiar places to teach His disciples how to live as His people. Each parable in this week’s daily readings speaks to the Christian life in some way. Use the questions below to help you dig deeper into Jesus’ teaching.



1. Today’s parable is fairly well known. As you read the text, what are some things you never noticed before about the story of the good Samaritan?

2. What specific situation is Jesus’ parable responding to, and what is the parable’s outcome?

3. What is the central point of this parable?

4. What is your response to this parable?


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One thought on "The Good Samaritan"

  1. Kevin says:

    Day 17: 1. Not only did he take care of him, he showered him in gifts! Oil on the feet, wine, all things that are super expensive. He took care of him and blessed him deeply.

    2. We are to take care of those in need. Not be the ones who pass by and act like we don’t notice.

    3. God has such compassion on us and if we are truly trying to live like him we should have that same kind of compassion.

    4. Be the Good Samaritan. Love those in need and those not in need and be generous with our gifts.

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