Day 32

There Is No Other God

from the reading plan

Isaiah 44:1-28, Isaiah 45:1-25, Romans 14:10-11, Revelation 22:12-13

There is no God like God.

We live in a world filled with empty promises. If we’re honest, even when we try with all our might to keep our commitments, we often fall short. This is not so with God.

When God speaks, every molecule of existence must obey His Word. The universe and all its stars and planets are being held together by the Word of God. Simply put, God is the uncaused Creator who depends on nothing but Himself. Nothing can overrule His promises. There is no other god before Him because He had no beginning. Nor is there anyone after Him for He has no end.

The people in today’s passage from the book of Isaiah worshiped idols. They hoped good would come of it, but they couldn’t know for sure. We are not left to wonder what God is like. We have a sure and tangible witness in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh and the firstborn of all creation, through whom God kept His promise to redeem His people. God is unlike the shifting culture. He is steadfast and consistent. God never changes.

The world we live in may have, at times, unjust laws and misplaced values. But God will exact all justice and remedy all injustice. God is a Father who understands injustice. His Son was brutally executed at the hands of murderers. But knowing He would be killed, Jesus understood that the injustice put upon Him would become the just payment for the penalty of the sins – past, present, and future – of those who trust in Him. Only a sovereign, loving God would do this.

God shows His children that He is ever-present with us. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. God the Father is a good dad we can trust with our lives. On the cross, Jesus entrusted His Father with His spirit. When He went to the cross, Jesus knew He was doing the will of His Father. God was fulfilling His promise to save.

No one can keep the promises of God but God. No one can give the mercy of God but God. No one can execute the justice of God but God. And He has done all these things in Christ.

Written by Jevon Washington

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