Day 14

Weekly Truth

from the reading plan

Micah 7:7

Memorizing Scripture is a way to carry God’s Word with you wherever you go, keeping God-breathed instruction, reproof, and truth in your heart and mind each day. This week, we’re memorizing a verse about God’s promise to hear us:

But I will look to the Lord;
I will wait for the God of my salvation.
My God will hear me.
—Micah 7:7

Write this verse down, keep it in your wallet, post it on your mirror or at your desk — anywhere you will see it often. Save the image below as a lock screen on your phone so you can read the verse throughout the day.

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5 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Matt Vanderworp says:

    Today I was having a hard time concentrating. I have 2 finals in the next two days and another 2 days later. I told myself I would be responsible and study well for these finals, but of course I got too distracted and just wanted to be lazy because I felt like I deserved to do nothing after 4 1/2 years of college. I needed the break. That’s what I kept telling myself at least. Now I’m cramming the night before and I’m stressing out.

    That was until a friend of mine texted me saying to stop trying to control everything myself and to let God give me the power instead to focus.

    This verse is a perfect application to my situation, and after I said a short prayer I found myself diligently working through pages of information efficiently. GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!

    He absolutely hears your prayers. You can literally ask him for anything and he’ll hear you.

    Run to him.

  2. Dalton Beaty says:

    I will wait for the God of MY salvation, MY God will hear me. My God is the one who saves, He is the reason that I am able to understand salvation and why it is the most essential truth for me to grasp. I must wait for Him, He is the only way. I know that He hears me, and I know that he loves me, He is compassionate for me, He empathizes with me in my painful days, and relates to me in my heartache, He knows what the troubles of this Earth feel like for us. Because he came to it! He walked among us, and he felt every emotion we can. Especially heartache, Jesus knew heartache more than we will ever understand. I will wait for my God to lead me, I know He hears me, and He knows the way.

  3. Dillon Davis says:

    Where do people turn when they have Troubles? I know I personally turn to food or entertainment to preoccupy me or keep me distracted from the unpleasantness of my situation. But Micah 7:7 says we ought to look elsewhere. Or, at the very least, that’s where the author of that particular verse was going to look. To the God of his (and my) salvation. He hears His children and rescues them according to His will and His purposes. Lord, write that on my heart. Inspire that confidence in me. Fill my life and mind with that kind of surety.

  4. Dustin says:

    Father, I thank You for hearing me. You listen to my joy, my hurt, my anger. You hear me when I call. I will wait on You and trust that You are good and that Your plan is perfect. You are a good Father. I put my hope in You.

  5. suba suba says:

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