Lent 2017: You Are Mine

Day 17: The Lord Will Reign As King

Isaiah 23:1-18, Isaiah 24:1-23, Romans 1:18-23, Philippians 2:5-11

Control and power. We love them when we have them, and we struggle when we are subject to them. As a parent, I have to admit that any power I think I have over the small humans that paw at me is an illusion. I only have the façade of power.

I was speaking with a single friend recently and he was asking about my approach to parenting. He may have seen small glimpses of my kids being kind or obedient and wanted to know my secret. So I told him, “Here it is, and I would suggest you write this down: I continually pray, ‘Jesus help me.’” Yep, that is it. My book will be out soon, and please, no pictures.

I am slowly moving to the place where I can admit that I do not have the power I wish I had. I cannot control things the way I want to, and my life often feels like it has been taken out from under my authority. My arms do not stretch far enough to control what I want.

I can work myself into despair because of my lack of control. This is actually quite easy to do, and sickeningly appealing. It is one thing to be in control and another to know the One in control. One is something I fight for, and the other is provided for me.

“He stretched out His hand over the sea; He made kingdoms tremble” (Isaiah 23:11).

The One who is mighty in grace and mercy, the One who says to me “You are mine!”, is the One who shaped the world and calms the ocean. He is the One who is King and rules His creation. As this King rules, He asks us to trust in His rule. He asks us to trust that His outstretched hands reach far enough.

God’s rule is mightier and lovelier than our own control could ever be. His hands, so strong and bold, hold us just where we are. When your faith is weak, remember that this same God who cares for you raised Jesus from the dead and gives you life in His name, through faith in the Son of God.

Written by Jason Tippetts