Advent 2018: Until the Son of God Appears

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O Come, Living Water

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The He Reads Truth App

Putting Truth in Close Proximity

The He Reads Truth app is a tool designed to meet men where they are and encourage them to read God’s Word daily.

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Full-text Bible

Stocked with multiple versions, the He Reads Truth app allows you to take notes and bookmark passages in your preferred Bible translation.

Supplemental Tools

God’s Word comes first, and the He Reads Truth app is built around this conviction. Every tool in the app is designed to help men grow deeper in their understanding of scripture.

Interactive Journaling

Each daily scripture reading closes with four standard questions to provide guidance with minimal interference. Space is given for public or private note taking, allowing you to record responses for your personal reference or to share them with other HRT readers.

Offline Study

The Legacy Series

Off the grid or on the road, keep a written record of your Bible-reading journey with the Legacy Series. Each book includes the scripture reading plan conveniently printed out for you and provides space to study, make notes, and record prayers. Study in sync with the current He Reads Truth plan, or choose a past study to work through at your own pace. Leave your mark with a study resource that can be referred back to or passed down for years to come.

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Our Purpose

To help men become who we were made to be, by doing what we were made to do, by the power and provision that God has given us to do it, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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