Day 3

A Song for Going Home

from the reading plan

Psalm 122:1-9

After reading today’s psalm, use the guiding content below to help you reflect, respond, and engage with one another.

In this song, the singer experiences a sense of homecoming when they enter Jerusalem. It describes the joy of feeling like we have arrived in a safe place of God’s peace and protection, a homecoming to where we belong. Now, we do not need to take a trip to arrive at God’s dwelling place; we need only remember the living and active Spirit of God to be reminded that we are home in Him. 

  1. What other scriptures, songs, or memories remind you that God is your comfort and home?  
  2. Write a prayer over your home, hometown, or the city you currently live in. Pray for its well-being, asking God to be the true comfort and peace in that place.
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