Day 3

Remember God’s Faithfulness

from the reading plan

Psalm 27:1-14, Psalm 30:1-12, Psalm 40:1-17, Psalm 41:1-13

 Book I

The personal nature of the psalms in Book I demonstrates that all those who place their hope and trust in the Lord, aligning their lives with His kingdom, can rest in His deliverance.

In one of the ministries at our church, we have a service called “Stones of Remembrance,” based on Joshua 4. The ministry guides men and women through multiple weeks of Bible study, small group accountability, and seeing how the gospel of Jesus transforms all of our life, especially the parts we are most ashamed of. The weeks culminate in the “Stones of Remembrance” service. We scatter rocks and sharpies at the front of our worship center and invite men and women to grab a stone and write a few words that capture what God has done in the past few months. Our hope is that the stones would serve as physical reminders of the special things God did in that time. 

I went through the ministry several years ago, but recently came across my stone of remembrance. On it, I had written a short prayer and Psalm 27:4. I remembered how the Lord used those weeks and that psalm to remind me of His love and help me become more like Jesus. It was a cause for gratitude and worship. 

Remembering the work of the Lord in our past helps cultivate faithfulness in our present. The practice of remembrance is commanded by God all over the Bible and we see examples throughout the Psalms. 

In each psalm we read today, David is remembering God’s goodness in his life and responding to those memories with worship. Often, he is remembering God’s faithfulness in the past while the present is filled with difficulty and suffering.

We see the faithful act of looking back at what God has done brings comfort and confidence when our present circumstances try to dull our senses to God’s good character. 

The Psalms invite us into remembrance of God’s faithfulness. May we look back on our lives and rejoice in the many wondrous works God has done for us.

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