Day 18

Israel’s Restoration

from the reading plan

Ezekiel 20:32-49, Ezekiel 21:1-32, 1 Peter 3:18-21

In today’s reading, we see God’s goodness and His power.

God’s goodness is His nature, He defines what it is to be good and perfect. He is the source of goodness, He knows no sin and cannot sin. There is no unrighteousness in Him. (Psalm 92:15). In our reading from Ezekiel, we see the goodness of God in His desire to bring His people back to Himself after they have gone astray and worshipped other gods and idols (Ezekiel 20:39). When you and I have people turn their backs on us, our first reaction as humans may be to shut them out of our lives. That response is usually centered in anger or vengeance. However, in God’s goodness, He pursues us to make things right.

We also see that God is all-powerful. In our passage today, we read about how God will exercise this power to point His people back to Himself. There is no problem too big or conflict too large for God. He can work in any situation and flow through any circumstance. He can right any wrong because He is holy. However, many times in our lives, we feel like our problems or issues are too big for God. Since God doesn’t work on our timeline, we mistakenly put our feelings of weakness and inattentiveness on Him. 

God would make Himself known to all the nations through His goodness and power by drawing His people back to Himself (v.41). He comes to mend the broken relationship and take away all the “bad” we’ve created. We should be very thankful for this—God sent His one and only Son to die on the cross. He sent Him to be the ultimate sign of His goodness.

How has God demonstrated His goodness to you in the past month? In the past week? Today? How can you in turn show God’s goodness to others around you? 

In what scenario in the past several months have you doubted that God is all-powerful? How do you need to rely on and trust in God’s power? 

Let this Lenten season remind you to trust in the goodness and power of a holy Creator. 

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