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1 & 2 Corinthians

A 42 Day Reading Plan
Plan Overview

What does it mean to belong to the body of Christ? When the Apostle Paul wrote 1 & 2 Corinthians, the early Church was struggling to grow together as a group of believers. They came from vastly different backgrounds—Jewish and Greek, rich and poor, religious and nonreligious—and they were learning how to live as one people. In these two letters, Paul challenges the Corinthians to fight for unity and to embrace their identity as one body made of many different parts—a challenge still relevant to us today. Read with us as we spend six weeks in 1 & 2 Corinthians, learning together what it means to be the body of Christ.

Day 42

Weekly Truth

Day 41

Grace Day

Day 40

Finally, Rejoice

Day 39

Sufficient Grace

Day 38

Paul's Sufferings for Christ

Day 37

Paul's Apostolic Authority

Day 36

Motivations for Giving

Day 35

Weekly Truth

Day 34

Grace Day

Day 33

The Collection

Day 32

Joy and Repentance

Day 31

God's Ministers

Day 30

Our Future After Death

Day 29

The Light of the Gospel

Day 28

Weekly Truth

Day 27

Grace Day

Day 26

Living Letters

Day 25

A Sinner Forgiven

Day 24

The God of Comfort

Day 23

The Lord's Work

Day 22

Victorious Resurrection

Day 21

Weekly Truth

Day 20

Grace Day

Day 19

Essential Resurrection

Day 18

Gifts from the Holy Spirit

Day 17

Love, the Superior Way

Day 16

Unity and Diversity in the Body

Day 15

The Lord's Supper

Day 14

Weekly Truth

Day 13

Grace Day

Day 12

Warnings from Israel's Past

Day 11

Paul's Example

Day 10

Food Offered to Idols

Day 9

Principles of Marriage

Day 8

Glorifying God in Body and Spirit

Day 7

Weekly Truth

Day 6

Grace Day

Day 5

Church Discipline

Day 4

The Faithful Manager

Day 3

The Role of God's Servants

Day 2

Spiritual Wisdom

Day 1

Christ the Power and Wisdom of God