Day 9

1 Corinthians

from the reading plan

1 Corinthians 1:4-9, 1 Corinthians 10:16-17, 1 Corinthians 12:12-31, Exodus 19:5-6, Jeremiah 7:21-23

This Is the New Testament is part of a twelve-week thematic overview of the entire Bible. Each day we’ll read a thematic selection from a different book of the Bible, along with supplemental passages that show how the theme of that day’s main reading is found throughout Scripture. We’ll also read a brief summary of each book and a reflection on how the book fits into the larger story of Scripture. This week, we move from the Gospels and Acts into the Pauline Epistles.

What Is 1 Corinthians? First Corinthians is a letter written by Paul to the church in Corinth. The Corinthian church was struggling to stay faithful to the gospel while living as a part of the larger, non-Christian Corinthian culture. With this in mind, Paul gave practical instruction on love and Christian unity, spiritual gifts and marriage, resurrection and the life of the Church.

How 1 Corinthians Fits Into the Story: First Corinthians contributes greatly to our understanding of Christian life, ministry, and relationships by showing us how the members of the Church—called the body of Christ—are to function together. Paul gave specific solutions to specific problems the Corinthian church faced. But the underlying answer to every question is the call to live Christ-centered lives in community, no matter the culture or circumstance. 

Reflection Questions:
1. How has God called you into fellowship with our Lord, Jesus Christ? How does that fellowship connect you to other believers in the Church?
2. How does today’s reading shape your understanding of the story of redemption?

Take time to reflect on your responses and share what you are learning with others in the community in the comments.

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