Day 22

Diligence and Laziness

from the reading plan

Proverbs 4:25-27, Proverbs 10:4-5, Proverbs 12:24, Proverbs 13:11, Proverbs 22:29

The book of Proverbs is a guide for pursuing godly wisdom in our daily lives. In this four-week study, we will read a selection of topical proverbs covering different aspects of wisdom, from how to interact with our friends, families, and neighbors, to fearing God and keeping His commands. No matter the subject, these proverbs urge us to wrestle with and reflect on our own response to them. To help you better engage with the proverbs in this reading plan, we have provided you with a short introduction and reflection questions for each day.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us today our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11). The instruction to pray for daily sustenance implies that we are meant to always be engaged in the work and provision of life. We are not meant to be workaholics, but neither should we be idle. Work has existed since before the fall, when God created Adam to rule over the garden. We are called to engage with the life and work we’ve been given.

Reflection Questions: 

In what areas of your life are you the most diligent? What does Scripture call us to be diligent about?

What does Proverbs 13:11 tell you about the nature of your work?

What does laziness look like in your life? Why is laziness a gospel issue?

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