Day 4

O Come, Hope of the Nations

Genesis 12:1-7, John 8:54-56, Romans 4:13-25, Galatians 3:7-18, 1 Peter 2:9-10

Can you imagine being Abraham? Being called by God to leave your land, your relatives, and your father’s house? God called Abraham away from everything comfortable and familiar and led him to a place he had never been. But Abraham believed God’s promise to make him into a great nation. He knew God would bless him to be a blessing to others. God called, and Abraham answered.

Responding in faith is a lot like walking down a street in a dense fog, where you can only see the next step. It requires faith, because we can see but a small portion of what God sees. To walk in faith, then, is to take God at His Word.

It’s important to note that the primary operating force in Abraham’s story is God’s Word. God does not begin working on Abraham as if he were merely someone in need of reform. He begins by giving Abraham His a promise. So the focus is never on what Abraham has to do for God, but what God will do for Abraham. It is only in response to God’s given Word that Abraham’s faith and obedience are cultivated.

God is always faithful to His Word. In fact, if you are a believer, then you are proof of God’s faithfulness. Yes, you. If you have faith in Jesus Christ, you are counted among Abraham’s children, one of the stars in the sky God told Abraham to count (Genesis 15:5).

Long ago, God promised a man named Abram that He would make him into a great nation in order to bless all the other nations (Genesis 12:2–3). From Abram (renamed Abraham), came the nation of Israel. From Israel, came the long-promised seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ. And in Jesus Christ, people from every tribe, tongue, and nation have been invited to become God’s children.

Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people (1 Peter 2:10), all because of the Word of God, the promise made to Abraham, and the promised Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. He is the hope of the nations.

Jesus Christ is the true and greater Abraham, who answered the call of God to leave all that was comfortable and familiar to come to earth to dwell among men. He perfectly obeyed the Father’s Word and held on to His promises and, in turn, created a new people of God.

As you read this, you do so in the midst of God-ordained redemptive history. And now, just as God sent Abraham to make the way for Jesus, and God sent Jesus to make a way for us, Jesus now sends us to bring others back to Him. Let us, like Abraham before us, take God at His Word and respond in faith. Go and be a blessing to others by declaring Jesus Christ, the hope of the nations.

Written by Matt Capps

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7 thoughts on "O Come, Hope of the Nations"

  1. Chris Braca says:

    Abraham had to rise to the calling on his life and to obedience. Jesus had to humble himself. It was in humility that He completed our redemptive story. For us, we need to live in humility as Jesus did, but must also rise to answer God’s calling on our lives and be obedient.

  2. Sam H says:

    One of my favorite things to happen when I read the Bible is to see a series of events that God ordained, and ultimately lead to His glory. Understanding the story of Abram/Abraham and how God fulfilled His promise to him over several centuries is incredible.

    Abraham’s faith, although he is human, was incredible. He was diligent to follow through. I learn two things from his story. First, my faithfulness is required of me. God may have a promise, but I need to hold up my end of the deal. God will come through, so long as I do. And He won’t ask anything of me I am not capable of in His strength. Second, God’s promises are far greater than success or possessions. Abraham sacrificed himself to a faithful servant of God, and from that, He was blessed eternally.

  3. Justin Harger says:

    I’m pausing to think about when God made His promise to Abraham, He had me in mind. God already knew every single offspring that He promised to Abraham at that moment. From years before to years from now.

    This is also why the Old Testament and law are still so important today. We are quick to dismiss it sometimes because it is old, confusing, long, “outdated”, etc. But Jesus didn’t abolish the law, He fulfilled it. It is only because of Jesus and His sacrifice that we are able to be considered as part of the line of Abraham. God’s chosen people. Now that we are “in”, we can experience the fullness of being a child of God.

  4. Justin says:

    All that God did so that I could have life with Him is pretty amazing. He had a plan for me from the beginning. He established that plan with a promise and fulfilled it with his own son.

    And I don’t have to get any rules or rituals perfect. Instead I just need to trust Jesus and follow him as he leads me, who promises an abundant life.

  5. Kevin says:

    Day 4: An awesome trend in these bible narratives is faith. How did they know this was real? They had faith. Gods power is so incredible and could move mountains, I think it could move our souls and minds a bit too if we let it. Let’s be men of God that respond in faith! Declaring his name from the mountaintops. He is our Lord and savior. We get to be faithful in that and press into it. Love y’all. ⚒

  6. Todd Gross says:

    I’m such a work in progress. I slip back into my old self far far far to much. Lord, I’ll wait in your Word. Please please please renew me. Revive the real me that’s found in You.

  7. Joshua H. says:

    Though Jesus we are heirs to Abraham’s promises!

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