Day 17

A Prayer of Adoration

from the Psalms for Prayer reading plan

Psalm 146:1-10

We all trust in others. We are all hurt by others, even those we adore. And even though people trust in us, we hurt others as well. It doesn’t matter how close the relationship is; there is always the possibility of letting someone down or being let down. The reality is, none of us is able to be everything to everyone. Perfect faithfulness is a burden too heavy to be carried by human shoulders.

In a broken world full of broken people, where can we turn for perfect faithfulness? Who will perfectly love us even though we, too, are unfaithful?

In Psalm 146, we are reminded that God alone is the refuge for all generations. He remains faithful forever. When spouses fail, God is faithful. When friends fail, God is faithful. When governments fail, God is faithful. When all mortals and moral establishments fail, the sovereign God is faithful. When we ourselves are unfaithful, God is faithful.

For this, we adore Him.

God is the only perfect being for whom perfect faithfulness is possible. He is the only one whose shoulders are strong enough to bear all of our needs. He cares for the needy—those who are oppressed, hungry, imprisoned, blind, bowed down, and outcast. When the sojourner, widowed, fatherless, broken, and lost have nowhere to turn, God is there. Christ calls to us, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

For this, we adore Him.

Perhaps you are reading this today and you are burdened by how others have treated you. Or maybe you’re riddled with guilt over how you’ve treated others. Whatever your need, there is grace in God for filling up what is lacking in others. There is also grace for you, in covering your own guilt.

For this, we adore Him.

God will not let you down. When you are down, God will lift you up. If you have ever doubted the goodness and faithfulness of God, look to the cross and resurrection of Christ. In the cross of Christ, there is salvation from sin. In the resurrection of Christ, there is the promise that God is true to His Word.

For this, we adore Him.

There are no empty promises when we trust in God. “He remains faithful forever” (Psalm 146:6). For in Christ, the prisoners and oppressed are set free. In Christ, the blind finally see. In Christ, sojourners, widows, and the fatherless finally find their home. Find your hope in the Prince of Peace; in Him, there is sure salvation that never ends.

For this, we adore Him.

The Lord will reign forever. Our God will reign for all generations. Adore Him.

Written by Matt Capps

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  1. Kevin says:

    Day 17: All adoration to the most faithful king. The perfectly faithful king. He deserves our adoration and our trust. In good and bad, I pray we have a heart for others like the lord has for us. Always there. Always faithful.

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