Day 10

Esther Intervenes for the Jews

from the Esther reading plan

Esther 8:1-17, Romans 8:10-11, Colossians 3:1-4

It is truly hard to imagine the difficult position Esther found herself in. On one hand, she knew all about Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews. It was not only an evil plot, but one against her own people. And as Mordecai pointed out, she would most likely not escape unscathed herself.

But to ask for help from the king was not so easy either. You didn’t just walk into the king’s court, asking questions and requesting favors. Doing so meant risking your life.

By the time we get to Esther 8, Haman’s plot has been seen for what it was and he has been hung instead of Mordecai. But King Ahasuerus has already signed off on the destruction of the Jews. The law is on the books and even though Haman has been dealt with, the law is the law.

She has to go to the king again. (I love this scene.) Esther goes to him…

“Then Esther spoke again to the king. She fell at his feet and wept and pleaded with him to avert the evil plan of Haman the Agagite and the plot that he had devised against the Jews” (Esther 8:3).

It would be hard to not be moved by Esther’s bravery and love for her people. Her willingness to face death instead of simply enjoying the glory she had as the queen is admirable. She models the kind of heroic life we enjoy watching on the big screen. We hope to be like Esther and we name our daughters after her because of her sacrificial life.

But ultimately this story is not about Esther. It is a story about the God who saves His people. And as beautiful as this story is, we enjoy a salvation even greater.

Think about what Christ has done. Instead of simply enjoying the glory that was His, He emptied Himself of that glory and bravely came to save us in love. Just as Esther wept and pleaded for the Jews, Jesus intercedes for us even now (Romans 8:34). The salvation we enjoy because of the work of Christ, does not merely save us from physical death; it turns death back on itself, so that now even death is defeated. This can only move us toward eternal life.

The Jews had the schemes of Haman. We have the schemes of Satan and our sinful flesh. Christ has defeated our great enemy. Just as Esther intervened to save the Jews who were once under the condemnation of the king, we, too, are saved and no longer under condemnation (Romans 8:31).

Written by Matthew B. Redmond

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