Day 13

Christ the Priest Today

Ephesians 5:1-2, Hebrews 3:1-6, Hebrews 7:25, 1 Peter 1:14-25, 1 John 4:10

Because of God’s holiness, His perfect otherness, no person could ever draw near to Him; every person is sinful and only the stainless can enter God’s presence. But God wants His people to be close. How can they be purified and made right? Through the ministry of the priests: the sacrifice, the prayer, the intercession, the teaching, the leadership.

God gave the priests as an act of love to enable people to worship and be near. And then He gave His Son, the perfect sacrifice and High Priest, as the ultimate act of love—to be our means of drawing near to God for all time. “All time” includes today, tomorrow, and every other day. Jesus Christ serves as our means to enter God’s presence without fear, based on the perfection of His life, the purity of His sacrifice on the cross, and the defeat He handed sin and death upon His departure from the grave.

We often think of Jesus as someone who lived two thousand years ago, and He did. But He lives still, to intercede and to save. Christ doesn’t live only in the glory of past work but in glory now, as our Savior today. He is still the embodiment of God’s glory and God’s saving grace. We look back at Calvary to remember, but we look to our Great High Priest today as the name by which we were saved and are being saved.

We know that Christ empathizes with us since He, too, faced every temptation and struggle, yet was without sin. We know that He will never fail us or let us go. His ministry will not have good days and bad days, only perfect ones. He will not grow weary through age or circumstance of life. And He will not retire or pass away. The grave could not hold Him once, and He will never be bound by one again.

Our perfect Priest is the heir to God’s kingdom. He doesn’t serve at God’s mercy and by appointment. He serves as He rules, and as He prepares to one day subject all creation to His perfect reign. And He will take any with Him who come to God in His name, into that perfect forever Kingdom.

Written By Barnabas Piper


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2 thoughts on "Christ the Priest Today"

  1. Ken Fuller says:

    How great it is to have Jesus interceding for us and still being God’s expression of His love toward all mankind.

  2. Scott Schulman says:

    I do usually think of Jesus as having lived 2,000 years ago and not as living today. I know he is alive today, but I think of him as sitting at the right hand of the throne of God having completed all his work. But he is doing work right now. He is interceding for us. He is praying for us. He is our access to the Father. Jesus is not only alive today, he is working. Praise God for Jesus who continues to work on our behalf! We have an amazing, selfless, humble God.

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