Day 2

A Prophet Proclaims What Is to Come

Hebrews 1:1-2, Jeremiah 1:5-10, Jeremiah 30:1-3, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:2-7, Isaiah 40:1-5

One of the main roles of a biblical prophet was to foretell the future, highlighting both the discipline and healing that would come to God’s people. Foretelling the future would often lead to repentance, while also kindling hope that God would bring lasting peace to His children.

Jesus came with a mission, a purpose. He came to fill a role—a few roles, actually. As we jump into this Advent series titled Christ Was Born for This, we’re going to take up three particularly significant roles Jesus came not only to fulfill, but to perfect. We’re talking specifically about Jesus’ role as our perfect Prophet, Priest, and King.

For each of the next three weeks we will unpack some of the particular functions the persons in each of these offices performed for God’s people, and then we will look at how Jesus perfectly fulfilled that role through His life, death, and resurrection—and how He remains our perfect Prophet, Priest, and King today.

We begin our journey by looking at the work of a prophet. Perhaps the most obvious work a prophet does is to proclaim what is to come. One of the main roles of a biblical prophet was to foretell the future, highlighting both the discipline and healing that would come to God’s people. Foretelling the future would often lead to repentance, while also kindling hope that God would bring lasting peace to His children.  

God spoke through His prophets in the Old Testament (Hebrews 1:1-2). He chose them to foretell events yet to come (Jeremiah 1:5-10), and their messages predicted seasons of both blessing and struggle (Jeremiah 30:1-3). The current that ran through every message from every prophet in the Old Testament was a promise that a Savior would come—the Messiah—who would deal with their brokenness and usher in blessing once and for all.

Prophets in the Old Testament were often bearers of hard news—promises that God was going to discipline His people for their disobedience and rebellion. And God kept His word. But as hard as the news might have been, and as swift the discipline, the very existence of the prophets held up a holy truth—God was not distant. He was not silent, but involved. He was not tuned out to their perils or fears. He was listening. He was actively working.

The Advent season is a time when we consider how God has worked in time and space. We remember how He promised the people, through the prophets, that a Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace would come with healing on His wings. It is a time when we celebrate that, through Christ, God has kept His promise.

We remember how Christ has foretold our future too—that He will come again and heal every broken heart and give us deep, soul-level satisfaction and peace. And we respond as the people in the Old Testament did when the prophets predicted the Messiah’s first coming: we worship.

Written by Russ Ramsey

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18 thoughts on "A Prophet Proclaims What Is to Come"

  1. Bill says:

    I need peace in my life that I know God has provided me in the past when I have been faithful to Him by reading His Word. Going to church, reading and spending time in prayer are ways I can come back to Him. Will my actions show that I’m willing to ask for the counselor and king to come back in my life as a larger part? My days are less each hour that passes and I’m wasting chances on showing others around me and my family the goodness that comes with loving Others as I should my God.

  2. Ken Fuller says:

    I worship Christ Jesus today for the message of Good News He brought. It is so contrary to the world’s message we hear. Life has meaning and it is found in knowing Him.

  3. Luke says:

    Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.
    Disperse the gloomy clouds of night.
    Death’s dark shadows put to flight.

  4. Bryan says:

    I’m always interested in learning how exactly God interacts with his people. Whether it be directly or through people. I’m not sure there are many formalized prophets but it really does show the importance of having people in our lives who speak truth that has come from God working in their lives.

  5. Andrew P says:

    I would like to think that if I had lived during the Old Testament, I would have believe the prophets. Especially on the first time. I can only imagine the looks they received from the people when they brought news from God. I bet like many people today they were harassed, made fun of, and/or bullied, but throughout time they never stopped believing their message.

    Being a prophet must have been hard. I hope that today and beyond this advent season, that I will have the heart of a prophet. A heart to go and tell the good news that Jesus is coming and that this season, a time we celebrate his birth, is not a fairy tale, but it’s God breathed truth. “All Scripture is God Breathed”

  6. Ethan Pyle says:

    The blessings of the promised kingdom may not be here in a tangible sense, but I can still enjoy the promised peace and joy internally as I come to know Christ more intimately. I don’t have to wait for the amelioration of my circumstances to cultivate a spirit of patient thankfulness and contentment. Christ, the perfect prophet, promised rest for those who would take His yoke. I can’t wait for the day when Christ will return and wipe away every tear, but I don’t have to wait until that day to know His peace and satisfaction. And the chastisements of the present remind me that He cares—He loves me enough to refine me, even if through fire.

  7. Josh says:

    God made the universe through Christ, knowing that man who he made to rule over it would sin. Knowing that Christ would need to rescue us, to die in our place. Through Christ the universe was created, and through Christ it will be recreated and redeemed.

    The prophets remind us who is in charge, and how mighty he is. And they point us to the hope he gives us, to Jesus who is our redemption.

    I find it so hard to accept how amazing this truth is. I think maybe because my heart is cold and apathetic, it wanders. But also because of my pride. I don’t see my needs enough to rejoice enough at the news that Jesus meets my every need.

  8. Justin says:

    What a grand plan the Lord has brought to completion through his only son. A story of stories and a plan that goes beyond the depth of our fragile minds. Who could of known the true outworking of his glorious hands; how God so intricately intertwined his people into the design to speak truth and life into the coming of the king? It’s breathtaking to think about and always sends me back to a humble state of mind, shocked by our creators grace and pursuit of his creation.
    I often think of what my life would have been like without the knowledge of a Savior. Hopeless , afraid, and lost are just a few of the inward feelings that would remain hidden and unexposed to the watching world. But thanks be to Christ Jesus for humbling himself, and taking upon the flesh of mankind, exposing himself to our weak elements.
    Lord thank you. Thank you for showing up. For following through. For taking my place upon that cross. For giving me hope for tomorrow!

  9. Cole Johnson says:

    In recent months I’ve been deep in thought about finding my calling and purpose in life. I’ve let the pressure of that search become greater than my search for God. Here I realize that finding my calling is not on my shoulders. Jesus knows my calling, planned it in advance just for me. To find my calling, I must simply find God. To seek Him with all my heart. When I lay down the search for calling and career, the pressure of perfection is relieved and I am less distracted and more able to hear from God. He truly is my Wonderful Counselor.

  10. Tanner says:

    God is near. I think that this is something that I have not been cognizant towards in a while. It really has felt like God has been distant from me for the past year, but I know it is me that is distant.

    I love the opening verse that says that God has spoken through Jesus already. He used to speak through Prophets, but He has once and for all claimed His Glory and Power through our Lord, Jesus Christ. He worked in time and space to become a personal God that saves sinners.

    I hope that this study will encourage me to seek God and seek his Kingdom first. I know everything else will be added to my life from there forward.

    Praise God that Christ is King and He is coming back again soon. Until then I will let Jesus’s words speak into my life.

  11. Scott Schulman says:

    I’m thankful that Jesus is our prophet and has told us in the Gospels and in Revelation that he is coming back and, and we get to be with him forever.

  12. Andrew says:

    Christ came. I have hope because of Him. I often take that for granted. I fail to worship and celebrate each day for what it really is. New. Filled with hope and joy.
    Because of Him.
    Let my love overflow.
    Let my worship overflow.

  13. Patrick Shen says:

    God has such a “big picture” view of life, the world and how the puzzle pieces fit. Help me Lord to recognize your plan with purpose.

  14. Dalton Forman says:

    I see that this time was of great news to Gods’s people, like He shares with us now. And like then we now have weak moments and need to be disciplined for our wrongdoings. I want to know what we need to do to put ourselves in place of God’s will and this time of year truly helps with learning what that means.

  15. Quentin Babb says:

    Jesus’ role in scripture and in the Advent narrative is a fulfiller. From the prophets of old, describing the coming joy and peace by the Savior who would deliver God’s people out of physical and eternal circumstances into his everlasting kingdom, to John the Baptist, preparing the way for the grown Messiah, Jesus fulfills. He sustains. He provides. He is the Savior the prophets described. The Advent season represents one of longing and yearning for the Savior of the world to come and break captives free.

  16. Derek McVey says:

    The fact that God sent His Son knowing that we were broken. Humanity was and is sickened. As said, “the very existence of a prophet meant that God was there. God was listening and involved.” It’s so amazing to know that Christ was born for this sole cause of being our Prophet, King, God, Counselor. Going back to Jeremiah. He was the weeping prophet. God often pours out His spirit, His heart, His feelings upon a man or woman when He is going to use them. I’m reminded of what a man of God told me, “You cannot properly prophesy judgement upon a people until you have wept over them.” Jesus is the epitome of God pouring out His heart into the world. God was pouring out His love into the world. He felt so much love for us that He poured everything out on Jesus. So amazing.

  17. Conor Barry says:

    Advent is always a really good time to be reminded that God is not far from us but instead desires to be so near to us that He would take on flesh and dwell among us. Immanuel is a very literal reminder that “God is with us” and in Jesus we see that was not only when He was physically with us on earth but that He is forever with us because of His blood bought covenant that has offered to us. God’s desire to be near us, to restore us, to make rebels His friends and children is shown most powerfully in Jesus.

    What a thought: that God (perfectly holy, perfectly powerful, perfectly self-sufficient, enjoying perfect love within Himself) would give His very best, His son, up for His enemies (those who hated Him and rebelled against Him at every opportunity) so that they could be made whole, that they may be restored, that they who never wanted God could enjoy Him forever. Christmas marks the beginning of God’s plan in action to save His people from themselves. He sent His son behind enemy lines to die for the very enemies who would put Him to death.

  18. Lukas Fortunato says:

    This Christmas season I want a heart fully prepared to celebrate Christ coming. Thanksgiving was a great time of family. I felt present. I felt loved and accepted. I felt redemption. Now as we approach Christmas let my heart be prepared to embrace the great story of Jesus’ arrival. Let me feel the expectation as I read the prophecies. That there yet may still be hope. Let me experience the real Christmas…the messiness of having to birth a baby in a stable, the violence of Herod ordering a mass killing of children, the conflict of Joseph facing a pregnant fiancé, and the weight of what this birth and ultimately death truly meant…a rescue mission to free us from slavery, to redeem us and adopt us as children, to give us hope and a future and a relationship with God.

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