In Search of a Redeemer

from the Ruth reading plan

Ruth 3:1-13, Ephesians 5:22-32, 2 Corinthians 11:2

“Take me under your protecting wing.”

To take someone under your protecting wing is to make an outsider an insider. I’m trying to think of the last time I asked someone to take me under their wing.

One of my black pastor friends has agreed to partner with the church I serve so our churches can do ministry together in our city. I always ask to meet him at restaurants he’s familiar with, but are off my radar. So we eat together in places I might never otherwise go. I start going to them myself after awhile. One of the effects of being taken under my friend’s wing is that I begin to feel like an insider.

In today’s text, Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi, wants to put Ruth under someone’s protective wing – someone who can give her a place among Israel’s people. Naomi says, “My dear daughter, isn’t it about time I arranged a good home for you so you can have a happy life?” (Ruth 3:1 MSG). Go get cleaned up. Put on your best dress and some perfume. Be at the right place and the right time. Signal your availability for marriage. Let’s get you married!

Naomi’s plan might not work for you, but it was a perfect plan for Ruth. It was exactly what she needed right then and there. She was ready. She just needed a push, a mentor.

What she really needed and wanted was a protecting wing — a true Redeemer. Husbands are imperfect redeemers. Wives are too. But they’re both a picture of one. They’re what we might call a type of redeemer, but they can’t fully bear the weight of what a perfect Redeemer is meant to be: someone who can give us eternal belonging. Still, they point us in that direction.

Ruth needed the Protecting Wing, the Redeemer, the Perfect Captain. And she had the courage and tenacity to put herself out there and actually ask for it. She didn’t pull back. She risked it all, and went for it. And she found in Boaz a man who could take her from standing on the outside, to a place of belonging.

But what God was doing through Ruth was even greater than what Boaz did for her. God was making her an eternal insider in the story our of Redemption. What God did—by working through Naomi to join Ruth and Boaz—didn’t just lead to Ruth’s redemption. It formed a link in the lineage of Christ Himself, who would bring us under God’s protective wing, making us insiders in the Kingdom of God.

This passage in the book of Ruth reminds us of what the gospel is: the story of outsiders being made insiders. When our faith is in Christ, that is what we are.

Written By Doug Serven

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11 thoughts on "In Search of a Redeemer"

  1. Micah Ensor says:

    Man has enough self awareness to know that he needs a redeemer. He needs someone to save him. He needs redemption.

  2. Micah Ensor says:

    God is the perfect redeemer. It is never too late to be redeemed.

  3. Micah Ensor says:

    The Gospel is good and is pure and is there for all. To turn an outsider into an insider. The gospel is always there for us at a moments notice. Ready when we need it.

  4. Micah Ensor says:

    I will pray for forgiveness- I will pray for guidance- I will pray for direction- I will pray that I would truly love my wife as Christ loved the church.

  5. Micah Ensor says:

    I will accept redemption once again. I will accept his protective wing. I will tell others about this covering that is available to them.

  6. Sean Thelen says:

    God is in the business of redeeming and protecting us. His desire is for us to have everything we need to be loved and cared for. He loves us as His even when we were foreigners.

  7. Sean Thelen says:

    We need someone to mentor us who will go out of their way to bring us into the inner circle. Until we have someone to represent us, to mentor us and take care of us, we are on the outside of the community and outside of blessing.

  8. Sean Thelen says:

    Christ came to be our ultimate redeemer. He created a way for us to be reunited with God.

  9. Sean Thelen says:

    Since I’m praying for my wife as I go through this study, I will pray that I will do as Boaz did by loving the one who God gave me above all things.

  10. Sean Thelen says:

    I will pray that my wife will know that she is loved and that she can be everything that she needs to be because God loves her and takes care of her. In light of a trip that she is taking without me, I pray that God would be meeting all of her needs while we’re apart.

  11. StevSlursE says:

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