Day 4

No Other Name

from the reading plan

Acts 4:1-22, 2 Corinthians 3:12-18, 1 John 5:12

Ours is a society obsessed with “before and after.” Advertisers know this about us, and they use our curiosity to their advantage, displaying then-and-now photos for any and everything. We love to see transformations, and we want to know how we, too, can be transformed.

Scripture has its own collection of striking “before and after” pictures. That of the pre- and post-Pentecost Simon Peter might be one of the most significant—and significantly overlooked—transformations in the Bible. Before Pentecost, we see Simon Peter denying the Savior, while warming himself at the fire outside of the High Priest’s palace. But after Pentecost, we find Simon Peter boldly proclaiming Jesus and the resurrection inside that very same palace.

What changed? What happened to bring about this radical transformation? In short, it was the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus applied by the Holy Spirit to Peter’s heart.

Peter tasted the grace and redemption that is found only in Christ when Jesus restored him (John 21:15-19). After his restoration, this man who had been so timid and fearful to bear witness to Christ was emboldened to proclaim that same grace and redemption to everyone he met. He was now unashamed of the fact that “there is salvation in none other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12) because he himself had become an object of that salvation.

When we have our souls restored by Christ, we are eager to proclaim His excellencies for the salvation of those around us. Rather than seeking to please ourselves, we seek to bring glory to the One who alone is qualified to be the Redeemer.

The healing of the lame man was the event that sparked Peter’s sermon to the rulers who arrested him (Acts 3). Peter, together with John, told the people and rulers that God had performed this miracle through them as an attestation of the resurrection power of Jesus. Just as Jesus’ own miracles proved His Messianic kingdom and power, so too did the miracles that Christ worked through His apostles.

The end result of the healing of the lame man was that it brought glory to Christ by highlighting the essential fact that salvation is found in Him alone. This is always the end result when God works through His people. Peter and John had not performed that miracle by their own wisdom or power. They had not even received formal theological education. But they had been with Jesus, and that was all that mattered!

If we have tasted and seen that the Lord is gracious, we too will be eager to tell others about Christ. When we recognize that the One who has saved us by His grace is the only Savior of sinners, we will want to tell others where they too can find this salvation.

Our own experience of redemption in Christ should fuel our zeal to hold Christ forth as the only way of salvation. May God use the “before and after” pictures of our lives to bring glory to the only Savior of men.

Written By Nick Batzig

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27 thoughts on "No Other Name"

  1. Connor Back says:

    Men will doubt and doubt until they experience firsthand, the redemptive power of Jesus and the gospel. This message should be a constant outpouring by followers of Christ, so that non believers can experience it.

  2. Connor Back says:

    He is the only way to true life and joy; He empowers His followers to go and spread that message.

  3. Connor Back says:

    I will respond by laying more of my focus on the gospel, for it really is the foundation for all of this. It should be the driving force for our quest to bring people to Him. I want to experience that zeal and tug at my heart that is found in the redemption of the gospel.

  4. Connor Back says:

    It’s a reminder that speaking the gospel is sometimes hard and not met with open arms; sometimes we are met with criticism and put to trial. This story at the same time is a reminder that, despite the criticism you may get, the gospel is a very worthy message, perhaps the most worthy message to ever be told. The hope that the gospel offers is more powerful than any attempts one might make to diminish it.

  5. Connor Back says:

    God, help me to seek your face more. Help me to bring your word closer to my heart, so that I may be well versed in you there. Please help me to keep reminding myself of the gospel, that I may not lose sight of it and its power. Help me grow in the gospel, help me to let go of these afflictions in my life so that I may be a new person on the other side.

  6. Mark says:

    I will serve and obey God despite the consequences.

  7. Carlos A. Condinanzo says:

    The transformation of man from sin against the lord to worshipping because of what he has done

  8. Carlos A. Condinanzo says:

    That man can with power Jesus Christ to change and also the power to heal the sick and cast out demons all in the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave us

  9. Carlos A. Condinanzo says:

    It’s teaching is what in the transformation Where I was a slave to sin and now I’m free, where is also my hope is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth that I am saved from the death of hell , i’m a new creation of life everlasting thanks to the Lord my Jesus Christ

  10. Carlos A. Condinanzo says:

    Giving thanks for all he has done with humility and open heart and contrite heart

  11. Carlos A. Condinanzo says:

    In how will help me to share what he has done in my life to all those who are hurting

  12. Nate Ghering says:

    Lord, please transform my life. My priorities put me first most of the time. My fears drive the spirit out. Please teach me to value you and the gospel above all else. Please teach me to love you more than I love me.

  13. Nate Ghering says:

    That he entrusts the proclamation of his word to weak and uncertain men, but that he empowers those same men through the spirit. That he radically transforms those men by the simple truths of who he is and what he’s done.

  14. Nate Ghering says:

    Our strength, eloquence or education are not what matter to God. In his hands, we need only be willing.

  15. Nate Ghering says:

    The gospel transforms. Its truth, its power, brings about extraordinary transformation. It’s not always well received, but for those who truly receive it, it gives power and purpose and life.

  16. Nate Ghering says:

    I want to get the gospel and for the gospel to get me. I want to have the same kind of potent boldness that Peter had even though he had at once been very timid.

  17. Isaac Jones says:

    God is truth and love and power. He is real; a being who exists not by faith or belief, but by reality of nature and science and substance. God is more real and substantial than all of creation and all people. He thinks and feels and rules everything and everyone. God approaches and is approached on His terms. May we all glorify God.

  18. Isaac Jones says:

    I will respond by asking for forgiveness for my hard heart. I will ask to be able to approach God through the sword in Spirit and truth. I will seek to have my veil removed by God that I may understand His powerful love and loving power. I will sit at His feet that I may learn how to love from others from His love for me.

  19. Isaac Jones says:

    Man is blind, and only sees the world through a veil. Man can only see by coming to Christ through the Spirit and truth. God’s word gives us the revelation about Him and Christ. Also, Gods ambassadors on earth do that: Christians speaking the good news of Jesus Christ. We need to read, listen, believe, and speak. We need to come to Christ so he can remove our veil and speak into our hearts.

  20. Isaac Jones says:

    Jesus living a perfect life then dying that we might be free from sin and death is the gospel. We are free to do good once we have faith in Christ. We are free from death to be with God once we have faith in Jesus. Yes we sin, and yes we die, but we move past that to the obedience of faith, righteousness, and eternal life. Jesus removes the veil of misunderstanding from our hearts that we may understand God, righteousness, and holiness.

  21. Isaac Jones says:

    Heavenly Father,

    I am sorry for wanting sin, and evil more than I want you. I am sorry that I have longed for unrighteousness. Please forgive my world-mongering ways. Please let me approach you; may I shed the sin of my heart, and may you lift the veil there. Help me to understand you, so I can reflect you m the world. Teach my heart obedience so that I may have faith in you. Teach me to love you so I may love others. I need you, Lord. I am weak, but you are strong, and you teach paupers and Kings. I am no king and I have no rule; teach me to be faithful in love and obedience that I may worship in spirit and truth and lead others to do the same. Thank you for saving me God; thank you for opening your heart and family to me. May I consider nothing for the joy of you; amen

  22. Justin Thomas says:

    The Gospel has the power to release one from apostates grip.

  23. Justin Thomas says:

    God is capable of changing any type of heart. No matter how far we are from Him, the power of the death and resurrection of Christ and the reach of the HS in our hearts can change us.

  24. Justin Thomas says:

    By trusting in the death, burial and resurrection. Live my life as though that’s the only way for my sins to be forgiven.

  25. Justin Thomas says:

    Man can deny you but eventually it is evident that you exist. We have a hard time with pride and not admitting you are real.

  26. Justin Thomas says:

    Give me peters boldness and change of heart.

  27. StevSlursE says:

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