Day 5

Noah’s Family

from the Genesis reading plan

Genesis 9:1-29, Genesis 10:1-32

I love the story of Noah getting drunk. In the universe of my continual thoughts on the Old Testament, this story occupies more space than most.

Allow me to explain.

The details are fuzzy. My age is even a mystery. But I must have been around 12 years old, the same age my daughter is now. Why did I keep reading after the story of the flood? Because when this son of a Baptist minister read that Noah not only planted a vineyard but then proceeded to get drunk, I was frustrated and confused. When we would go out to eat, my parents didn’t want me to get a Coke if it came from the bar.

Part of what made this passage difficult was Noah’s status as a hero of the faith. My flannel-graph theology placed Noah at the center of all that was going on in the story. This was who I was supposed to be like? If I was supposed to be like Noah and have that kind of faith, what about this business of him getting drunk? We were told getting drunk led to all kinds of troubles, a truth evident even in this story.

Needless to say, I did not love this story when I was a young boy. But then I learned something, and what I learned was a turning point in my understanding of this story and every other story I have read in the Scriptures.

Noah is not the hero of this story. God is.

If the point of the story is to tell us that we need to have faith like Noah, then the end of Noah’s story is really disappointing. But if what God has done through Noah is the point of the story, then the story of Noah getting drunk not only makes sense, it is actually encouraging. What did God do through Noah? He saved sinners.

To reconcile my former way of thinking about this story with Noah as the hero and his getting drunk, I was tempted to think his drunkenness was not a big deal. But that didn’t seem to square with the fallout in the rest of the chapter. But when you read this story with God as the hero, it’s a reminder that God is in the business of saving sinful people. Always has been. God makes and keeps covenants with His people (Genesis 9:9,15).

I’ve never been drunk. But I have other sins in the past and in the present, all reminding me that I am not the hero in the story of my redemption. Christ is. And I am safe from God’s wrath only because of the heroic work of Jesus, within whose work on the cross, I ride high and dry like Noah and his family.

Maybe you, too, need this reminder. The burden of being the hero is a heavy burden. This is especially true when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a man looking back who needs a hero himself. The story of drunk Noah reminds us that God saved sinners. And through Christ, He still does.

Written By Matthew B. Redmond 

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  1. Eddy says:

    Jesus is the culmination and the continuation of God as the the main hero of the Bible.

  2. Jared Dills says:

    Lord, help me to walk with you. I want to be available to be used by you.

  3. Jared Dills says:

    Just as the rainbow is a reminder of God’s covenant to not destroy all the world with a flood again, I think it points to the saving covenant through Jesus’s blood for us.

  4. Jared Dills says:

    God is faithful. Through his grace he works through sinful man.

  5. Jared Dills says:

    I want to surrender to him and walk under his authority.

  6. Howard K says:

    Man will remain imperfect and until we know that only way to better our lives is to give our lives fully to Christ we will continue to struggle.

  7. Howard K says:

    God of course knows us better than ourselves and knows we are not perfect. It shows that God will do everything to save us from sin and the best example of that is his Son Jesus Christ.

  8. Howard K says:

    Shows us over and over God’s grace on human kind and hopefully one day all humans will know there is only one right path and that is through Jesus Christ

  9. Howard K says:

    Asking God for forgiveness and being thankful for giving his Son up to save us from sin. Need to live more like Jesus Christ and by the Will of God and get off my selfish attitude that I have that I can do this myself. I cannot and I need the help from Jesus Christ and i am asking for that help.

  10. Howard K says:

    God praise to you all the days of my life and please forgive my sinful nature. I ask that you give me strength to be a better man and live in the likeness of your Son Jesus Christ.

  11. Jeremy Hill says:

    The Gospel is for dirty rotten sinners like Noah. The Gospel is to save us.

  12. Jeremy Hill says:

    Man is sinful and needs a loving God.

  13. Jeremy Hill says:

    God loves us and chooses to save us through His Son.

  14. Nathan Dodd says:

    Man is selfish, and constantly looks for a way to put himself at the center, and Satan uses the same distraction he always has: God made you to be more important, you ought to know, you ought to have privilege, you ought to be like God. We are often too gullible.

  15. Nathan Dodd says:

    His plan and purpose is ALWAYS more. Far more than we understand or sometimes care to look into. It’s NEVER about us.

  16. Nathan Dodd says:

    In worship, for who God is.
    Who He continues to be.
    Who He continues to reveal Himself as.

  17. Nathan Dodd says:

    The redemptive work of the gospel continues to have much more weight than I realize, and every time I re read an old story I see another piece of the gospel shining forth- like how God is foreshadowing Christ’s coming by making a covenant with Noah.

  18. Nathan Dodd says:

    That I might live and lead others towards the gospel even more.

  19. Andrew Kerry says:

    Rest in that truth that we are forgiven and always put the focus on God who is the hero rather than put the focus on ourselves.

  20. Andrew Kerry says:

    We are not the hero and never will be but we all have a constant need for a hero.

  21. Andrew Kerry says:

    God is the hero and at the centre of it all.

  22. Andrew Kerry says:

    Jesus is our hero becomes he came to earth to die for us so that our sins can be washed away and forgiven.

  23. Andrew Kerry says:


    Thank you that you are in the interest of saving people and that you are out hero. Help us to not think of ourselves as heros but to always put our hope and trust in you God.

  24. Kristian Cartwright says:

    God is the Hero!

  25. Kristian Cartwright says:

    Repent. Allow God to be the hero in my life.

  26. Kristian Cartwright says:

    Man is a sinner saved by grace. We live under the covenant God has promised us.

  27. Kristian Cartwright says:

    The Gospel is the ultimate fulfill mate of Gods covenant.

  28. Andrew Goodwin says:

    Man may think that they’re the hero in life but God is the hero in every situation. He is the one that needs to be praised whenever someone is held on a higher pedestal.

  29. Andrew Goodwin says:

    It’s the origin. Where Noah’s family tree lies and where mankind started.

  30. Andrew Goodwin says:

    By being more humble.

  31. Andrew Goodwin says:

    That God is the hero that saves man. Man is nothing without their Hero.

  32. Felix says:

    The Gospel is surely the last grand miracle for the human race as a whole. God gives himself up to save us once and for all, let us not grow weary in being ambassadors of this message for “it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes”

  33. Felix says:

    I will continue to seek who I am in Christ despite all my daily failures

  34. Felix says:

    It teaches me there is a mystery behind how God works in and through the life of a believer. God and sin are not compatible yet we see him talk to, care for, and bless a man who would do a great thing but later would get completely wasted. So does God have a line we can’t cross or can we feel safe in the sloppiness of our walk. If I learned anything it’s that God works outside of our human standards of biblical living. I feel He would be more present in our lives if we we’re ourselves and not a poster imagine of what he’s never shown us in another Saint.

    “Temples for the temples?
    Systems for the Spirit?
    We became the temples so let’s build each other.
    Could we hear the Spirit if we just lived simpler?”

  35. Felix says:

    No matter how mighty a man of God might seem he is the same as any other. It is God behind the boldness, faith, and power that makes a man take part in wondrous works and holy living.

  36. Felix says:

    Lord change me into everything you want me to be

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