Day 2

The Descendants of Adam

from the Genesis reading plan

Genesis 4:1-26, Genesis 5:1-32, Colossians 1:15-20

His first feeble cry conquered me. I remember holding my newborn son in my arms, as I wept, bursting with joy. As I sat holding him later that evening, I could not take my eyes off of him. I had fathered a son, in my own likeness, after my own image.

A newborn son is a picture of new hope, of a new start—a reminder of God’s good gifts. When Eve bore Cain, she and Adam must also have been full of hope. They’d had a son with the help of the Lord, perhaps even the promised seed (Genesis 4:1, 3:15)! But over time their hopes were shattered, when sin bred jealousy, and jealousy, murder.

This is the story of Genesis 4-5. It is the story of two lines of descent, of fathers and their sons. Cain’s line began and ended in murder. From the first shameful fratricide, to Cain’s unrepentant flight from the presence of the Lord, to Lamech’s shameless song of violence—death laid waste to generation after generation. Even the line of Seth, though they “began to call upon the name of the Lord,” was marked by the steady refrain: “…and he died” (Genesis 4:26, 5:4-31).

Every father who looked at his son, hoping, had already begun to feel the weight of death. The ground itself yielded up thorns and thistles as daily reminders of the curse (Genesis 3:17-19). Cain, who had compounded his guilt with murder, found the very soil opposed him. He became a fugitive, and the earth itself bore witness against the sin and violence he had committed (Genesis 4:10-12).

It was this impending death from which every man desires relief.

When Lamech, the son of Methuselah, held his newborn son in his arms, surrounded by a world of death, he expressed his deep hope in God’s promised goodness: “Out of the ground that the Lord has cursed, this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands” (Genesis 5:29).

In God’s good providence, Noah would indeed bring relief. But the true answer to Lamech’s prayer would not come for many more generations. Paul’s epistle to the Colossians declares to us the preeminence of Christ, the Son who truly was the hope of the world.

He was the very image of the invisible God, not just another fallen man. He was the firstborn from the dead, undoing the long reign of death. He reconciled to Himself all things, undoing the power of the curse. He makes peace for us by His blood, which cries out to God, not for judgment but for our salvation (Colossians 1:1-15).

The story of these early generations is a reminder of God’s covenant faithfulness across the ages, which has delivered us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son. In Christ, we are grafted into a new genealogy, born again, and transformed into His very likeness (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Thanks be to God for His Son, the Hope of the world!

Written by Caleb Faires

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47 thoughts on "The Descendants of Adam"

  1. Howard K says:

    Once again this teaches me God’s love for us even though we keep falling short he gave up his only Son to finalize our true salvation. How great is God is is so great there are no words that come close to his greatness. Thank you God for saving is!

  2. Howard K says:

    To ask God for forgiveness everyday for falling short and also thank God for his salvation and greatness in my live. Asking God to favor me in all that I do.

  3. Howard K says:

    Man constantly falls short and and full of jealously and hate and sin and only through our believe in Jesus Christ will we be saved. We must try to live more like Jesus Christ.

  4. Howard K says:

    Shows God’s love for us by scripture John3:16-17

  5. Howard K says:

    God Almighty thank you for all you have done for me in my life even for your forgiveness when I fall short of your expectations. I ask that you grant me favor of strength, courage, wisdom and peace to live more like Jesus Christ and live by your Will and not my will.
    I ask this in your Son’s name Jesus Christ, Amen.

  6. Eddy says:

    I will live my life in desperate thankfulness to the God who made me.

  7. Eddy says:

    The gospel truly is the Good News; without it we would end in separation from our Maker.

  8. Eddy says:

    Man can make extremely poor choices. Man can also choose to call on the name of the Lord.

  9. Eddy says:

    God is always creating and restoring. He never gives up when his creations turn on him and to themselves. He simply creates a way to continually redeem.

  10. Jared Dills says:

    While our choices have consequences, Jesus cries out to provide us redemption. We must fully surrender to him and accept his grace that provides redemption.

  11. Jared Dills says:

    Sin has serious consequences that affects the individual committing it and those around him and those after him.

  12. Jared Dills says:

    Just like Cain, we often come to God on our terms instead of surrendering all.

  13. Jared Dills says:

    I want to surrender all and not hold on to anything. I want to live a life of grace filled redemption.

  14. Jared Dills says:

    Lord, I want to honor you as my Lord. May my full surrender to you be an act of worship.
    Thank you for dying to give me forgiveness and redemption. You are great and worthy of my worship.

  15. Thomas says:

    I will continue to try and grow in humility. If Christ, who is God, could humble himself to dwell with us, truly there are areas in my life that I need to die to myself and grow in humility.

  16. Thomas says:

    A continued reminder of the significance of the Incarnation. Jesus, God’s only son, was sent to earth to redeem us who were also made in God’s image, but fallen.

  17. Thomas says:

    I myself sin when I don’t acknowledge the incredible being that I am – not by my own merits, but simply because of the fact that I am made in the image of God.

  18. Nathan says:

    Sin is in our nature. We cannot run away from sin because it is a part of us. Sin is washed away by the Lord and he rids us of all the junk we picked up along the way. Sometimes we want to get rid of it, but sometimes sin overpowers and conquers us.

  19. Nathan says:

    Though we have sin in our nature, he still brings the hope of life to us because he loves us enough to care for us.

  20. Nathan says:

    I will be grateful for God for what he has done. I will live by his side and never look back. For where there are endings there are also new beginnings.

  21. Jeisson Ruhl says:

    God knew that He was going to have to save the world. So He had a plan to save us from the very beginning. The fact that God was with Adams descendants throughout the ages gives me hope that He is with me.

  22. Jeisson Ruhl says:

    I will trust God with more of my life. I will make sure that I remember the beauty of walking faithfully with God and I will remember the price Jesus paid in order for me to be able to have that walk

  23. Jeisson Ruhl says:

    It teaches me that God’s plan for salvation to bring His son to the world has been the plan since the beginning of time. It teaches me that Christ was ready to be in the position He was in since the very beginning

  24. Jeisson Ruhl says:

    It teaches me that the closer we walk with God the more we experience life. Enoch was mentioned briefly in the reading. But the fact that he was no more because of how faithful he was to God assures me that being faithful to God is what we were meant for

  25. Jeisson Ruhl says:

    Dear God,
    Thank you for your plan of salvation. I thank you for your son and my savior. God allow me to walk faithfully next to you no matter what troubles come my way.
    In Jesus name I pray,

  26. Andrew Kerry says:

    God has the same love for us that a new father has for his new child and he never stops loving is when we mess up, so much so that he sent is OWN son who he had the same fatherly love for and would want nothing to happen to, to die for us! Wow!

  27. Andrew Kerry says:

    Jesus gave his life so we do not need to go through the punishment of death but rather we can live free from it and strive to live pleasing lives and grow closer to God.

  28. Andrew Kerry says:

    We are sinful. No matter how much we hear about God’s love, we will always go against God even though he is the only way. Even in the garden as Adam and Eve were so close to God they could walk through the garden with him, they still went against him.

  29. Andrew Kerry says:

    Recognise my son, repent and then start living a new life in Jesus, one free from death and one where my relationship with God comes first and foremost above everything else.

  30. Andrew Kerry says:


    Thank you for the amazing love you show all of us. Thank you that that never changed even when we went so far away but thank you that you loved us so much that you sent your only son so we can live in freedom. Help us to live in that and strive only for a better relationship with you.


  31. Brooks Slater says:

    That God is very present in The Old Testament, which is a completely different notion in the New Testament where God seems to be detached but not in an abandoning way.

  32. Brooks Slater says:

    That we are imperfect

  33. Kristian Cartwright says:

    God does not tolerate sin and removes me from his presence when there is sin. HoweverGods has a plan to rescue me from the cycle of death and despair.

  34. Kristian Cartwright says:

    Thankfulness for the hope I have in Jesus. Share the Good News with others!

  35. Kristian Cartwright says:

    Left to my own way I will sin and follow my own path. A path that will always end in death. There is no escaping this without the Blood of Christ.

  36. Kristian Cartwright says:

    The Gospel rescues me from my sin. It gives me hope.

  37. Felix says:

    I see that God remains the same. He is still communicating with and providing for man. Though much has changed within them. This teaches me that God is very much involved in the life of each individual whether righteous or wicked. He is there responding to their every move, with either blessing or judgement. But with long suffering, reaching out to each generation to sustain a people of His own. In these chapters centuries upon centuries past by, yet He has always been there. Oh How long and wide is the patience of our Lord, men would sooner measure the expanse of space before they measure the patience of the Ancient of Days and even then He would wait until they are done with that foolish act. Yet we cannot even give Him a day. “God’s thoughts of you are many, let not your’s be few in return.”

  38. Felix says:

    Like Able I want to serve God with all that He’s given me. Whether it is much or not. Whether I prosper or die trying.

  39. Felix says:

    God showed he was persistent in preserving a line of people that would ultimately lead to Jesus being brought into this world. They weren’t a perfect people but they pursued godly living through generation after generation. God wasn’t timid in associating himself with the family line He came through and it was full of the messes of men. And He was no different in the way He treated us when He finally could see us face to face.

  40. Felix says:

    Both Cain and Abel were men with a sinful nature. The difference, one ruled his sin and the other was ruled by it. Now neither can do one or the other without the power to do so. God in His sovereignty gives us the power to gain wealth, to live, to think, to speak , to act according to the measure He sees fit. But power is neutral and it performs in whatever way the heart of the wielder is inclined to. It is man’s job to respond righteously to this goodness.

    God will not be mocked a man will reap what he has sown. Every man should live upright before the Lord with what they are given and not feel entitled to everything He is and has.
    “I am but man, made in your image. Why will you not converse with me?” – tubal-Cain
    A child disconnecting themselves from their father, but still feel entitled to everything He is and owns. 

  41. Felix says:

    Lord give me a servant’s heart.

  42. Clayton says:

    It teaches me man sins. It helps me realize that sin is second nature to us.

  43. Clayton says:

    It teaches me that God loves us and he wants us to do the right thing.

  44. Clayton says:

    It teaches me that God knew what we were going to do but he wanted it to happen so when we obey he gets glorified.

  45. Clayton says:

    I will try hard to realize the sinful world around me.

  46. Clayton says:

    Dear God please help me to see the sin around me and steer clear. Lord help me to do the right thing. Amen

  47. StevSlursE says:

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