Day 1

The Creation & The Fall

from the Genesis reading plan

Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25, Genesis 3:1-24, John 1:1-5

The Bible begins and ends with a description of a created world that is thoroughly good. The difference between those two worlds is that one is completely unmarred by the fall of man, and the other is completely redeemed from the fall by Christ. You and I live in between the two.

In the creation account of Genesis 1— before shame, violence, fear, greed, envy, malice, betrayal, self-loathing, contempt, deceit, murder, or war found their way into the hearts of man—our first parents, Adam and Eve, walked with God in the garden in the cool of the day. They were naked and unashamed—at perfect peace with one another and their Maker. This was how things were meant to be.

But then the man and woman fell, and all of creation with them. Adam and Eve hid from each other and from God. They no longer dwelled in His presence. Now, things are not the way they are supposed to be.

After the account of the creation and fall of man, the rest of the Bible is a declaration of the catastrophic damage of that fall, a desperate cry for deliverance, and the story of how God has redeemed His people and His creation through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.

At the end of the Bible, the book of Revelation describes a redeemed creation—a time when the dwelling place of God will once again be with man. We will no longer be east of Eden. We will be His people and He will be our God. He will wipe away every tear from our eyes and there will be no more death, or grief, or pain. Those things will be fuzzy memories at best of a distant broken past. Everything will be made new (Revelation 21:1-5).

Right now, however, we live with the effects of the fall of man all around us and in us. We live between the originally perfect creation and the New Earth redeemed and restored by Christ.  Everything in this book, the Bible, speaks in one way or another, to how we are to live in a world that is broken but redeemed by love.

So step into the story today at the very beginning. Consider the goodness of all that was made. Consider also the wreckage that came with the fall. Wade into the story of how God has rescued and redeemed His people by grace through faith in the One who would crush the serpent’s head—His Son, Jesus Christ.

Written by Russ Ramsey 

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  1. Keith Baker says:

    Jesus is God and is our only hope for a restored relationship with our Father.

  2. Keith Baker says:

    Repenting of my sin. Trusting that Jesus paid everything I owe. I will treasure him above all.

  3. Keith Baker says:

    God is the creator and sustainer if all things, including me. He is Holy and I am not.

  4. Keith Baker says:

    We are desperately broken and sinful.

  5. Keith Baker says:

    You are the first, last and hold everything together. Forgive me for neglecting you. Grant me faith to trust your means of grace.

  6. Howard K says:

    God made everything for man and woman in the beginning to rule over in peace and we as a human take that very gift he gave us out of love and reject it by eating the forbidden fruit. How this must had hurt God. And then in order to save us because of our own selfishness he gave up his only Son to save us from sin. There is no word I can describe on how much God loves us, but I want to say Thank you God for not giving up on us. You are truly an amazing God Almighty.

  7. Howard K says:

    Live by God’s will and not my will. For I know my will is not right and full of sin and unrighteousness so i abandon living by my will and try so hard to live by God’s Will only.

  8. Howard K says:

    Shows us how much God loves us to make us right again with Him, but he had to give his Son up to die for our sins for this to be made right.

  9. Howard K says:

    God thank you for all you have done for me in my life and when I do not know. God give me strength not to give into the temptations of this world and to live by your Will and try to lead people to you through your Word even though i am not super knowledgable of the Word.
    Fill me with your Holy Spirit to help me learn your Word.
    I ask this in Your Son’s name Jesus Christ, Amen!

  10. Howard K says:

    Man is selfish and full of sin and only by God’s grace we are saved by God giving up his only Son to die for us to save us. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  11. Jared Dills says:

    God desires great things for us but sin has separated us from God’s greatness.

    Jesus redeems us to God’s plan.
    We must walk with Jesus and choose him verses our fleshly desires that originate from the fall.

  12. Jared Dills says:

    We are broken and it’s our nature to sin.
    We need Jesus. Only through him can we walk with the Lord.

  13. Jared Dills says:

    The gospel will restore God’s plan to unite man with God and bring perfect peace.

  14. Jared Dills says:

    I will daily choose to follow after Jesus until he comes back or until I go to be with him.

  15. Jared Dills says:

    I pray to walk more diligently with him to pursue his plan for me.

  16. Brian Sackett says:

    We were flawed from the beginning, and unless we walk with the Lord, we are walking in sin. We are called to Him, and He wants us to walk in Him. When man fell, we separated ourselves from Him, and in that, we have no hope of reaching heaven. But with the fall, comes a future, and in that, we have something to look forward to.

  17. Brian Sackett says:

    In Him, all thing are created new and perfect- He is perfect in everything He is and all He does. In Him, all things were created. We can also see the introduction of God the trinity- Father, Son, Holy Spirit. All equal in power and authority, three separate, but at the same time, the same being.

    When Man fell, we saw God’s fairness and justness, but at the same time, we see the promise that He will one day send one that will restore us to Him again…

  18. Malcolm White says:

    To live more like the Bible teaches. To be a light and restore.

  19. Malcolm White says:

    That we were perfect beings in the beginning, we had everything we ever needed but we wanted to be like God, just like Satan did. Which has led to pain, war, and so much more in this world.

  20. Malcolm White says:

    Even in our brokenness and condemnation God still had a plan. He still loved us, and wants us.

  21. Malcolm White says:

    That the Gospel is not just about salvation and the forgiveness of sins through Christ but that there’s also redemption for creation as well.

  22. Malcolm White says:

    Father, you are the reason I’m here from the creation of the world you had a purpose in mind for mankind and although we fell thank you for Jesus. Cause no matter how many good things that have happened or things we’ve achieved nothing amounts to what was done for us..That through him there’s hope for us all and this world. Thank you.

  23. Jesse Harada says:

    Man is imperfect. We will fall. We will make mistakes. We are broken. However, when we allow God into the picture, He restores all we have destroyed. He cleans up our mess and walks us through it.

    When we listen and obey God, it always goes smoother.

  24. Jesse Harada says:

    I will learn to trust God, and listen to His voice of guidance, and discipline. In the areas I struggle to turn over to Him, I will learn to let go and know He has my best interest in mind.

    He is a good father, and He loves me. I will chose to believe that, every day.

  25. Jesse Harada says:

    The gospel is life. It is truth. It teaches us the ways of life and how to follow them with a Godly demeanor.

  26. Jesse Harada says:

    God’s love for us is so powerful that when man blatantly disobeyed him from the start, He still chose love over hatred. He not only spared the rod, but redeemed us as well. His love is unfathomable.

  27. Jesse Harada says:

    For strength and guidance for what this year holds, and the wisdom and courage to navigate it the best I can by listening to His direction and voice.

    God, give me the ears to hear Your voice and direction. Lead me to your love, so that I may be a light of Your loving kingdom to others.


  28. Andrew Kerry says:

    We are sinful. We are easily tempted to go against God but ultimately we need him and his grace to be able to live in the fullness of what he has for us.

  29. Andrew Kerry says:

    Live in that freedom that God has for me, strive for his will and his way of living and not live in the past but hold firm to the wonderful future of being one with God forever!

  30. Andrew Kerry says:

    Jesus came to die for us so that we can have a fresh start with EVERYTHING wiped clean, no guilt, nothing. No shame, nothing. Only the grace and love of Jesus and we get to live in that freedom daily! Wow! Such a kind and gracious God man!

  31. Andrew Kerry says:

    God intended us for us to live a free life but that has been clouded by sin but we are now free of that through Jesus and one day the earth will be restored to its original design.

  32. Andrew Kerry says:


    Thank you for this freedom, thank you that you came and died for me and showed me so much grace that every sin of mine is wiped clean. Help me not to rely on that but to live only in the freedom and stive only for your will and in everything I do, demonstrate that amazing grace and love that you showed to me!

    With your help and love


  33. Nathan says:

    God makes all things and he gives us everything. We create things as well but for the glory of God. If there was no God we wouldn’t be here. He made this place for us. So that we could have life. God makes all things new.

  34. Nathan says:

    Man was created so that we could live with God side by side but, when we first broke our fellowship with God, he left. Man is tempted into things that are not from God so that they may have a better life in the end. After they continue to fall deeper into darkness it envelopes them and man doesn’t know any other way of life. God is the light. You can’t know good from bad without God.

  35. Nathan says:

    When I am tempted I will remember all of what God is and what he has done for all of us. I will stand strong and submit to God and resist the devil.

  36. Nathan says:

    The Gospel is true and helps us along in life. If we need answers we go to the word of God.

  37. Nathan says:

    Lord thank you so much for what you have created. We could not be here without you. Your ways are higher than our ways and I ask that I would put my trust in you when you begin to work in my life. Give me guidance and a chance to spread your word today, forever, and always. Thank you God for your work. You are beautiful. Amen.

  38. Tim Clifford says:

    Man is broken. Unable to be reconciled through works, man would be left to sit in the darkness far from God if not for the redemptive grace given through Christ.

  39. Tim Clifford says:

    God desires the redemption of people. For years I have considered God as a judge. I saw Him as one who pronounces judgement first and cares about people second. But this text and the devotional following it remind me that God is really more like a good professor. He will pronounce judgement on us, but He wants desperately to see us succeed.

  40. Taylor Bancroft says:

    That God would open my eyes to his handiwork in the daily things of life and thanks that, one day, his perfection will be restored.

  41. Noah says:

    God banned them from eating of the other tree that would have otherwise granted them back their eternal life, making them one step closer to Godhood. Why is this? Why was satan interested in them sinning in this way rather than tricking them into eating of the tree of life?

  42. Noah says:

    Our sin is the reason for Jesus’ entrance into the world and is also the reason for our need of rescue. Why create us just so we require rescue, when we could have had knowledge of good and evil, and eternal life?

  43. Noah says:

    By questioning everything until I get my answers, and following even though my questions may go un-answered

  44. Noah says:

    Man is not perfect. We are created in his good image, not in his perfect image. Again, why is this?

  45. Randall says:

    We are very self centered and prideful. Only when we can get past our own will and do Gods will can we ever truly live.

  46. Randall says:

    By praising my Lord in spirit and showing it by the works of the flesh.

  47. Randall says:

    The word is to be spread as a light shine. It is the one truth since the beginning of time and needs to be the Christians number one priority to get the gospel to the lost.

  48. Randall says:

    God is sovereign but is willing for us to live freely. With the liberty to choose our own fate. His love for us is unending and his grace is undeserved by us but through his great love we may be redeemed.

  49. Randall says:

    All day. We can talk and pray to our Lord in any situation at anytime.

  50. Kristian Cartwright says:

    Man was created at the top of his creation in the image of God. Man was created to have dominion over the entire earth. Man was created with free will able to choose right from wrong. Man chose to serve himself and through that sin all creation suffered. Man is bound now for death and separated from the presence of God.

  51. Kristian Cartwright says:

    God carefully planned and created the world with great care. He has a plan for his creation that began with creation and is being fulfilled today. God loves his creation but most of all he loves man. He created us alone in his own image.

  52. Kristian Cartwright says:

    Recognize that it was I who sinned and left the presence of God. I need a savior. Instead of seeking my own way like Adam did I should seek God first.

  53. Kristian Cartwright says:

    The Gospel is God reaching out to a fallen man and inviting man back into his presence. To restore and redeem us to our former glory.

  54. Daniel Kliewer says:

    The gospel is the word of God.

  55. Daniel Kliewer says:

    God truly wants to us to be with Him. He showed us His love by allowing His son to die for our sins to cause us to be redeemed.

  56. Daniel Kliewer says:

    We are sinful creatures. From the moment God asked Adam and Eve what had happened in the garden, they placed blame on someone other than themselves. God is a wonderful God to forgive us of everything we are guilty of in this life.

  57. Daniel Kliewer says:

    I’ll try to spend more time reading His word, and focusing on my walk with Him.

  58. Daniel Kliewer says:

    I will pray that God will shape me into the man He wants me to be.

  59. Felix says:

    Jesus has always been the face of salvation. Foretold as the one who would crush the serpent’s head and redeem and restore all that which that is lost.

  60. Felix says:

    God is not hindered by human mistakes. And when we make those mistakes He does not shame us with His light when we are exposed in the shadows were we hid. Instead He covers us lovingly. Though consequences may follow for our actions He remains with us, working everything for our good and redeeming us back to what we once were.

  61. Felix says:

    Press/learn to be strengthened to be obedient to the word of God. To obey God will cost me every fleshy need but to obey every fleshly need will cost me my soul.

  62. Felix says:

    Although created in the image of God we are not God. Spiritual but encased in this shell, we are limited beings. Our understanding, intelligence, discernment and strength only go so far before we come to a dead end of it all. Knowing I am only a man, I should look to the One who is all knowing and all powerful for my life choices. Lest I take it in my hands and bring it to utter ruin because I trusted in something that, like me, was created.

  63. Felix says:

    I know your statutes and boundaries, like Adam knew in the garden, may You strengthen me to obey and to not fail when the odds are against me.

  64. Nathaniel Wentink says:

    God has put us over everything he has created. He trusts us to fulfill his will through prayer and worship. Gods redeeming love and mercy keeps us new everyday

  65. Nathaniel Wentink says:

    Man is easily persuaded to follow worldly ways. Man wants instant gratification, when the only lasting gratification is through Christ.

  66. Nathaniel Wentink says:

    God made a covenant with Adam that was broken by temptation. But He still loves us and we can be redeemed through Him if we seek forgiveness.

  67. Nathaniel Wentink says:

    I will remember what Christ has done for me and how man has failed Christ miserably. I will learn to fight temptations that lead me away from Christ.

  68. Nathaniel Wentink says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Help me honor what you have given me, help me give back to you that which isn’t mine. Thank you for your mercy and love to us. And help us not be persuaded by our temptation but be tempted to follow you more.

  69. Jon Azzarello says:

    We were created for the presence of God. It’s the one thing that fulfills us. But because of the fall, we have been looking to fill this void with creation instead of the creator.

  70. Julius Delbridge says:

    We can not live of the mans ways because it will only lead us to our own down fall. We must live of the ways of Christ Jesus and we will be forgiven.

  71. Julius Delbridge says:

    God is all knowing all powerful… He is the alpha and the omega! He has led us from day one and wants us to live free in peace and harmony. However when we disobey and try and deceive God, there is nothing he can do for us. He has provided so much for us already with life, health, and strength, food and a place to live. He does not want to see any of us suffer but he wants us to maintain faith and trust in his words and promises.

  72. Julius Delbridge says:

    Trust in the word and learn from the word because it will lead me to the promise land.

  73. Julius Delbridge says:

    By understanding what God laid in front of me and not take his blessings for granted.

  74. Julius Delbridge says:

    Pray for peace and pray that I will never drift away from what he wants for us.

  75. Clayton says:

    I will pray knowing I am a sinner and knowing that He will forgive me.

  76. Clayton says:

    It teaches me that He had a plan all along and even if you think you know you don’t, He will use anyone to do amazing things. I taught me that God is caring he made Adam a companion. He loves us and we should use Adam and Eve as an example of marriage.

  77. Clayton says:

    It teaches me that no man is perfect except Jesus. And that God planed that because it makes Jesus more special.

  78. Clayton says:

    Man has been sinful science the beginning. God knew we were going to sin but he loves us anyway.

  79. Noah Grayhek says:

    This should show us that God is just and he punishes sin so we should strive for purity and to turn away from sin and turn toward God!

  80. Noah Grayhek says:

    God is good. All that he made was good as it says repeatedly.God made man and woman to be good. God is also Just and when woman sinned and then convinced man to sin God punished them according to his will. For the woman he made child barring painful and said that her husband will dominate over her. For man, he made the land cursed. The man has to painfully labor over the land to produce food to eat. And for both God banished them from the garden of Eden so they may not eat from the tree of life, so man and woman will die. And this is what we all deserve because of sin

  81. Noah Grayhek says:

    The Gospel is so amazing! It shows how merciful God is! In Genius man falls short and sins BUT God send Jesus to bring us back to him! He forgives us of our sins and we are no longer unrighteousness under the blood shed by Jesus for our sins! How loving is that!?

  82. Noah Grayhek says:

    Man is unrighteousness by nature because of those actions. We fall short of Gods plan and glory.

  83. Noah Grayhek says:

    I will pray thanking and lifting his name up, request of him what I need, repent for what I have done wrong, and ask him to turn me back toward him!

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