The Third Sunday of Advent

from the Advent 2015: Born Is The King reading plan

Isaiah 9:6-7

BY He Reads Truth

Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

Over the course of Advent, we are memorizing Isaiah 9:6-7 in four parts, so that we might sing with gratitude in our hearts to our Savior King. This week we are focusing on memorizing the first part of verse 7:

Of the greatness of his government and peace
there will be no end.
– Isaiah 9:7a NIV

Save the lock screen below to your phone as a reminder throughout the week, and rejoice in the One who is our Prince of Peace.

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10 thoughts on "The Third Sunday of Advent"

  1. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Our God is supreme and reigns forever.

  2. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    We are under His rule and His power, for we are His weak and fragile creation in need of Him.

  3. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Lord, help me to dwell in the fact that I am a co-heir with Christ, not defined by my sins and shortcomings, and Jesus is my identity.

  4. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Praise be to God for His matchless gift!

  5. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Jesus is the King who reigns forever and defeated the grave and sin for us to reign with Him as co-heirs forever.

  6. Jonathan Newman says:

    The governing of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of men with faith in Jesus is the only way to truly change lives in a way that leads to peace among men.

  7. Jonathan Newman says:

    Praying for more of the Holy Spirit to change my heart and to change the hearts of men to bring peace on earth.

  8. Jonathan Newman says:

    Man’s government is imperfect and cannot fulfill all its promises due to either lack of character, competence, or resources.

  9. Jonathan Newman says:

    God’s kingdom is forever and infinitely reaching all areas of the human race. His governing is perfectly good and wise and cannot be moved by any human efforts.

  10. Jerod Theobald says:

    I pray that God will give me the strength to let go, to be vulnerable, and to put my trust in the Lord. As someone who likes to be in control, this isn’t always easy. I must learn to serve God like I serve those I love here on earth.

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