Day 5

Jesus Is The True & Better Melchizedek

Genesis 14:17-24, Psalm 110:1-7, Hebrews 6:13-20, Hebrews 7:1-28

The writer of Hebrews strikes upon a theme that is at the heart of Advent: Hope. The season of Advent reminds us of our deep need for healing as it arouses our longing for peace. Jesus told us, “In this world, you will have trouble” (John 16:33). All the troubles common to our own day were known to Abraham as well.

Abraham met with Melchizedek after the upheaval of a war. Surrounded by fresh reminders of human fallenness, Abraham sought out the ministry of Melchizedek, the priest of God, and the two of them turned to worship God even as the war-scorched world still smoldered.

It is precisely to such a world that Christ came and established His priesthood as the guarantor of a better covenant (Hebrews 7:22).

Like Melchizedek, Christ came not in earthly greatness, boasting a grand lineage, but rather in the greatness of godly righteousness and faithfulness.

Like Melchizedek, Christ came offering refreshment, setting before us bread and wine, the food of kings and covenants.

Like Melchizedek, Christ came bestowing blessing, for He Himself is the fulfillment of every promise given to Abraham.

Like Melchizedek, Christ’s priesthood is not of man, nor of the descendants of man or of flesh, but of the Holy Spirit, sealed by God’s promise. But while the Levitical priesthood was imperfect, Christ’s priesthood is perfect. Christ alone is the righteous king, priest, and mediator of a new covenant of God’s peace.

We, like the Levites, cannot secure our own hope. Our strivings, our attempts at obedience, and our best efforts to set ourselves right before a holy God are all ineffective. All other priests, mediators, and sacrifices are insufficient to make us clean. But we have a better hope—a true and better priest Who enters into the very presence of God, interceding on our behalf.

I tend to picture Abraham alone with Melchizedek. But another king was there in the King’s Valley: the king of the wicked city of Sodom. Unlike Abraham, he seemed to pay little heed to the priest before him. The two did not converse. The King of Sodom was concerned only with sorting out the logistical aftermath of the war. He did not “seize the hope that was set before him,” but devoted himself to that which was “weak and unprofitable” (Hebrews 6:18; 7:18).

May we, like Abraham, fix our eyes upon our eternal priest: Jesus Christ. He is our sure and steadfast Hope who meets us in our need, sustains us with His provision, and blesses us richly by His grace. Only in Him may the weary world rejoice.

written by Caleb Faires

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  1. Tom Pavelle says:

    God provides everything that we need and more in our Great High Priest. We no longer have to rely on anything else! It shows how gracious he is, as he knows our weakness and doesn’t expect us to work our way to him. Jesus does all the leg work, interceding for us forever. Isn’t God amazing??

  2. Tom Pavelle says:

    It is freeing! We have freedom in Christ! We are called to have relationship with Him, breaking bread and drinking wine like Melchizedek. We are also called to serve Him, as Abraham gave him 10% of his wealth.

  3. Tom Pavelle says:

    There is nothing that man can do that can set him right before God. Not even following the law, it even the priests!

  4. Mike DeAlto says:

    By seeking to fix my eyes this holiday season on the One who deserves all the glory and honor.

  5. Mike DeAlto says:

    That he sent Jesus as the guaranteer of our faith. Jesus will rain as a high priest forever and offers to us a way that is pure and undefined. In him alone can we receive salvation.

  6. Mike DeAlto says:

    Often times it can be easy to miss looking to Jesus as he really is. Especially in a busy holiday season, we are apt to forgetting the real reason we celebrate Christmas. This holiday season we must fix our eyes on what Jesus has done and the beauty of it all or else we will be led away by senseless pleasures.

  7. Mike DeAlto says:

    That it is a powerful truth to constantly remind ourselves. Jesus is the true high priest who was perfect in every way. He willingly came to earth, lived a sinless life, died for our sins, and rose again. We mustn’t lose sight of that in our daily lives.

  8. Mike DeAlto says:

    That I will not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays but that I will rejoice constantly for what this time truly represents – the birth of our wonderful high priest Jesus.

  9. Alex Reed says:

    God keeps His promises through the covenants, and his finished work is the covenant of His son Jesus Christ.

  10. Alex Reed says:

    God’s ultimate covenant is through his son Jesus, and the promise he has made to us is everlasting through the priesthood of Jesus.

  11. Alex Reed says:

    I will work to put my dependence on Him, not worry about the works of this world.

  12. Alex Reed says:

    Man cannot hope to save himself. Just as the Levites were imperfect, so are we to think that obedience or keeping the law will save us. Only through Jesus can we be saved.

  13. Alex Reed says:

    I will pray that my heart will know and be reminded of the everlasting covenant God made with us through his son Jesus. That we would rely solely on him for our saving Grace, and teach our children about the hope through Christ’s birth this Christmas season.

  14. Jonathan Newman says:

    God sent Jesus to be our hope in this chaos and conflict-torn world. God’s purpose and character and perfectly faithful and unchangeable, and he wants to give us great encouragement. He is totally throwing himself toward those who are drawing near to him through Jesus.

  15. Jonathan Newman says:

    Rejoicing in the hope that I have in my high priest and God Jesus. In all my worries and troubles, I will come to him and lay my anxieties before him. In any way I can, I will open myself to however he wants to use me as an agent of restoration and hope.

  16. Jonathan Newman says:

    Jesus is the greater mediator who is able to save us utterly beyond what we could ever imagine or construct ourselves. He is our hope and our priest who goes before us to intercede for us to the father. The hope he brings (salvation, atonement, and reconciliation) results in restoration of our spirits and minds and bodies in the age to come. But more importantly, he comes to wage war on war and sin and death to establish peace between people and God and between all people as the way of the kingdom of God.

  17. Jonathan Newman says:

    We can never save ourselves or make ourselves right before God. No human can secure our hope or make us clean.

  18. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Praise the Father for the matchless gift of Jesus who intercedes for me, and strive to be like Jesus: holy, blameless, set apart.

  19. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Our own efforts fail to measure up to the standard that God has called us to, no matter how much “good” we do.

  20. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Jesus is the atoning sacrifice that paid my sins once and for all, and intercedes for us daily before the Father saying, “he belongs with me.”

  21. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    That God gave us a hope to cling to that satisfies everything needed to be with Him.

  22. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Father, thank you for Jesus, and that He is the great high priest forever–never ending, never dying, never failing. Thank you that He intercedes for me daily for the littlest of sins even, and that through Him I am one with you forever. Teach me to strive to be like Jesus in every aspect of my life, and change the parts of my heart and life that do not know Jesus and do not reflect Him.

  23. Blake MacNelly says:

    God is trustworthy. He makes an oath and swears to Himself. He keeps His promises and does not change or lie. Ever. That is amazing.

    God is powerful. Obviously in the sense that He rules and reigns…but just considering the way that He wins victories for Abraham and the way that even to this day He is winning victories for us. The way He blesses us. He doesn’t rule tyrannically…He rules lovingly and Justice is dealt and grace and mercy abound.

    God is in love with Jesus. The way He commits to Him so many promises and makes Him the far greater everlasting high priest that will not fade and will be the “anchor for our souls” to hope in! That is incredible.

    God is relational. He dwells with Christ and the Spirit, three parts of Himself, in eternity…and He loves them! He loves them well. He serves them and receives from them too.

    God is holy. When considering the actions that had to be carried out in order to make sacrifices for sin and to walk before God…pretty intense. It was a heart issue as well as an outward obedience. He is so holy that we needed Christ to come as the once and for all sacrifice, so that our hope can be placed in Him eternally and securely. Unbelievable how much He loves us.

  24. Blake MacNelly says:

    Man is so dependent on God and His love for us. We absolutely have no chance to live happily or successfully apart from Christ. It’s a blessing that God pursues us so heavily.

    Man is wicked. We are drawn to those “weak and unprofitable” things and we choose them EVEN when Christ is there, as a hope for us. It’s sickening. My flesh is disgusting.

    Man gets to be a part of an amazing story. We get to place our faith in Christ, and share the hope that has been given to us. That’s awesome!

  25. Blake MacNelly says:

    The gospel is committed to setting us free from sin. It is permanent unlike the old sacrifices. It is complete and upheld like the oath God made. It never changes. Neither does our status once embraced by the gospel. It is over and done. Our high priest is interceding on our behalf…after bleeding and dying for us. He is our everlasting hope. It’s a cool thing.

    “28 For the law appoints men in their weakness as high priests, but the word of the oath, which came later than the law, appoints a Son who has been made perfect forever.”

  26. Blake MacNelly says:

    I will continue meditating on the word and this passage and struggle with my flesh and fight it. I lack discipline.

    I will consciously and daily place my hope in Christ. I will pray and ensure I understand the meaning of that for my day. I will remember what it means to be a child of God and the blessings that He swore to Himself He would give through Christ.

    Confession of sins as I practice spiritual breathing.

  27. Blake MacNelly says:

    Pray for the spirits help and power as I attempt to fight the flesh

    Pray for a repentant heart that willingly fights and changes towards a heart that is serving the spirit and not the flesh.

    Pray for wisdom and patience to discipline myself and to practice scripture memory and prayer and meditation on those things

    Pray for peace and rest as I feel the weight of my sin and see the Holiness of God and the cross that bridges that. Grace is needed and it is abundant.

    Pray for guidance as I wrestle with the present and my security and identity. Pray for wisdom and guidance as I attempt to restructure my heart with God and the future that I would trust and walk with Him.

  28. Taylor Homeyer says:

    Jesus is better than the ministers and prophets in the bible. He provides better hope and redemption than anyone else. I pray for the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ to overflow into my life.

  29. Tanner Holman says:

    I am a sinner that seeks my own glory. God is a Creator that seeks after me for His glory, righteously so. Jesus is perfect to reconcile the two. I am continually being made more like Jesus and back to the image I was created in, God’s image.

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