Day 2

Jesus Is The True and Better Adam

from the Advent 2015: Born Is The King reading plan

Genesis 2:8-9, Genesis 2:15-17; Genesis 3:1-8, Matthew 26:36-46, Romans 5:12-21

Who and what do you represent?

When I think about it, I find that I represent a lot of people and things. I represent my kids when I clothe them and feed them, when I sign their permission slips and keep an eye on their hearts. I represent my wife in the way I honor her and care for her reputation when I speak about her to others. I represent the church I serve when I am out in public. I represent people and organizations who ask me to work for them.

When someone represents us, we forfeit a little bit of control over how accurate and faithful their representation will be. Give someone too much representation, and they could tarnish your good name. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever done this to someone else?

The opening chapters of the Bible tell us the story of our first representative before God—Adam, the first man. Adam’s responsibility was simple: to obey God and enjoy Him and the world He made forever.

But we know the story. Adam was tempted to disobey, and he did. From that point on in the Bible, Adam represents all of us and his representation tells a dark tale of humanity’s ongoing, ever-deepening disobedience and rejection of our Maker.

When Adam fell, he didn’t simply reject one of God’s laws. He rejected God Himself. God’s wisdom, His boundaries, and the confidence that God’s interactions with Adam were fueled by love were all dealt a blow. So pervasive is our inherited brokenness that later, after the flood, the writer of Genesis describes the inclinations of man’s heart as being only evil, all the time (Genesis 8:21).

The story of Christmas is the story of God’s radical remedy for our deepest need: reconciliation with the One Who made us. How would God do this? He would send a new representative—Jesus Christ, who would be tempted but not succumb, who would receive the Law of God and keep it.

Both Adam and Christ would be tested, and both, interestingly, in a garden. Adam’s story is one of failing to obey. Jesus’s story is one of fulfilling God’s Law perfectly.

With Adam as our representative, we are bound to pay the wage of our sin. But when our faith is in Christ, we are represented before God by His Son’s perfect righteous life, His sacrificial death, and His victory over the grave. Martin Luther called this the “Great Transfer”—all my sin would be placed upon Jesus on the cross and all His righteousness would cover me like a robe.

But for Christ to be our true and better representative, the Son of God would have to become a man. So as Christmas draws near, and as we study together all the ways Christ has represented us before God, consider how glorious is the gift that lies wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And may your celebration of Christmas be marked by your worship of Jesus.

written by Russ Ramsey

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  1. Jeremy Winkler says:

    Again, that we are broken and have been consumed by wicked thoughts that have manifested themselves into actions since the beginning of time and desperately needed and need the grace brought by Christ coming to this Earth.

  2. Jeremy Winkler says:

    By living in thankfulness for God’s gift of His son and attempting to glorify him in all of my actions but not letting the crippling effect of guilt hold me back for continued periods of time when I do fall short.

  3. Jeremy Winkler says:

    That we (humans) are not capable of perfectly carrying out his will as we are burdened with unholiness and sin, but that he loves us so much he sent his son to increase grace all the more so that grace might reign through righteousness.

  4. Jeremy Winkler says:

    That even though Adam gave it his best shot, much like we do, and fell short of perfection, also much like we do, Jesus is the perfect manifestation of what Adam and we are supposed to look like and because he bore the guilt of all our trespasses we now have the gift of eternal life if we choose to accept it.

  5. Jeremy Winkler says:

    Thankfully for the gift of Christ’s visit to earth and for leaving the Holy Spirit in his physical absence and for his obedience of one man that has made many righteous.

  6. Luke says:

    Jesus thank you for coming to this earth to stand in my place. Thank you for your gift of grace. Help me to get out of your way and let you represent me before your Father.

  7. Luke says:

    That we don’t just reject God’s law, we reject God himself.

  8. Luke says:

    That God wants relationship with us. Rather than condemn us, he sends his only son to save us so that we can remain in relationship with him.

  9. Jared Diley says:

    God is truth, authentic, holy, good, lovely. There is one thing that He hates, and it’s sin. God’s Word cuts both ways. It is so wonderful a thought to meditate on God’s expression of love to humanity through His Son. Yet how convicting that I was covered in the one thing that God hates, and I rejected Him. How loving our Father is that while we were yet sinners, He sent Christ to die for us.

  10. Sam Garcia says:

    God provided a covering for sinful men like me. I am forgiven!

  11. Sam Garcia says:

    Lord, purify my heart, grant me a willing spirit to sustain me that I my live a righteous and holy life satisfied by You and not give into eating the wrong fruit from trees I should not eat from. Thank you for Jesus and the empowerment of Your Holy Spirit!

  12. Sam Garcia says:

    Reverential thankfulness! Holiness: I will keep myself from being polluted by this world (James 1:27).

  13. Sam Garcia says:

    Men, including me, are sinful and give into the sinful temptations in their lives, even when they’re placed in a garden surrounded by innumerable fruitful trees from which they may freely eat. Yikes ! I am a lot like Adam.

  14. Sam Garcia says:

    God knew Adam would give into sin just as He knows I will, yet He is gracious to provide His Son to atone for me and to impute to me the righteousness of His Son. Amazing grace!

  15. Evan Kunz says:

    I love the line in Romans “where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more…” God’s righteous mercy was so great that He pushed off the full consequences of sin with every single trespass, increasing grace all the more every time. And as wild as that was, what was even more wild was His final solution to our sin problem: His Son bearing all the wrath that had been stored up and would ever be stored up and taking it down into the grave with Him, all to be left there while He came out in glorious life. How compassionate, true, and steadfast does our God have to be to humble himself in a manger and give himself on a cross!

  16. Evan Kunz says:

    Adam screwed up a lot, and his mistakes left us marred. The wounds we have festered and led to the depths of depravity we, as humankind, have reached. We’ve dug ourselves a hole so deep we can hardly see the light, and we certainly couldn’t pull ourselves out. The extent of our need for a savior is infinite, and our inherent worth of being saved is nonexistent. The truth is, it is God’s commitment to faithful love toward us that gives us our worth. And because of that, man’s worth is limitless.

  17. Joseph Shugart says:

    I am constantly amazed at how much God loves us. That he would send his only son into a broken and screwed up world to save a race that rejects and hates him. I want this Christmas to be a time when I reflect on this love and learn to show that love to others.

  18. Joseph Shugart says:

    Christmas is the reason we share the gospel.

  19. Joseph Shugart says:

    We need saving. We could not save ourselves. I look at the world around me and I am constantly saddened by the pain that is in it. So many people are searching for a hope or love that never ends. But all earth loves end. The only love that can fill us is the love of Jesus.

  20. Joseph Shugart says:

    With humility. I will humble myself to be servant to those around me this season and I will try and love all those who come across my path.

  21. Joseph Shugart says:

    Lord, help me to recognize the sacrifice you made for me by coming to this earth on Christmas Day.

  22. Daniel says:

    It is the gift that will mend what we have broken.

  23. Daniel says:

    God has always had the option to forget about us, to dismiss His creation in its faults and move on to other things that are of God. However He never did and continued to seek us out even from the beginning to share His love and grace. The over abundance of His goodness is why we even exist. So that He may share the love and companionship He has always exampled in the Trinity.

  24. Daniel says:

    By seeking out alone time so that i may be grateful for the gift of the Gospel and speaking with God and praising Him in this time.

  25. Daniel says:

    Man never understood the gift he had or does have now. What looks better isn’t always so and in most instances brings more hardship and ache then what we originally had. We don’t always know how to be thankful for what we have and in that we end up destroying so much, maybe even everything.

  26. Daniel says:

    That I may represent Christ and the Church in the best way that I can so that God will be glorified by those who are around me. That the vale be lifted from their eyes so that His light might shine through on their souls.

  27. Jake Armentrout says:

    In worship and praise. By glorifying Him through songs, by teaching and training my children, by giving everyone worth. He’s so good to us. I need His rescue.

  28. Jake Armentrout says:

    Like Adam, we are inherently sinful and selfish. Left to our own devices we will judge, hate and condemn. Our hearts are broken and the world is broken and we need Jesus. We have to be humble and tell Jesus we need Him. The only way we’re a light in this world is if we’re reflecting the face of Jesus. To reflect His face we have to spend time with Him and draw near.

  29. Jake Armentrout says:

    He will stop at nothing to rescue me and the rest of humanity. He’ll make plans – Adam – that He knows won’t work out only to have an even greater rescuer – Jesus. God’s requirements are pretty simple really. Worship and obey Him. Stay connected and glorify the Father. He just wants good for us.

  30. Jake Armentrout says:

    It’s so good. If Adam was left in the state of sin he created through his disobedience we’d all have no chance. The Great Transfer – where I get to deposit all my sin, brokenness and mistakes onto the back of Jesus is the Gospel. He is the ultimate rescuer and redeemer.

  31. Jake Armentrout says:

    Lord, I pray for more of you, more of your Spirit in my heart and mind especially when it comes to Sarah and the kids. Jesus, let me be gentle and patient in training. Let my tone be sweet like honey. Let Lily and Liam know that I discipline them out of love and affection. I care for them. Let me be kind and respectful of Sarah. I want to think of her as your daughter first and my
    Wife second. How would I take care of o w of your daughters? With the utmost respect and kindness and love. Let your will be done Lord. I love you and I praise you my King.

  32. Ricky May says:

    Our choice is made easy: sin, death, failure entered the world through one man, but how much moooore will we reap from the work of the new man, who didn’t fall? If we fell THAT hard, how much more will we rise triumphant through the work of Christ? The weight of sin is heavy, but the weight of Glory far outweighs it.

  33. Ricky May says:

    God loves coming full circle. Adam fell in a garden, Jesus rose up in one. Where one failed, the other came through triumphant. We choose which to follow.

  34. Ricky May says:

    The Weight of Sin is Heavy, but the Weight of Glory Far Surpasses it.

  35. Ricky May says:

    Help me lean into this truth God. It’s so awesome. Help me remember and lean in and make this Christmas the best ever. And help me choose the new Adam moment by moment.

  36. Brandon says:

    That God created man and woman to live and to love him. That was and still is our sole purpose.

  37. Brandon says:

    That man screwed it up, as we continue to deal with sin and brokenness in our lives

  38. Brandon says:

    That it is our hope. Our proof that God loves us, now as he always has and always will. To send his Son on our behalf, taking our sins on his shoulders, and dying for us. To me, Christmas is where the gospel starts, and it’s a love story, always has and always will be!

  39. Brandon says:

    By consciously remembering what this season is all about. By thinking on the whole story.

  40. Brandon says:

    Lord, thank you. Thank you for your love, through and through. For your promises, laid out for us in your Word. For what this season is all about, for sending your son for me, and for all of us.

  41. Kayla says:

    Our condition is shot from the beginning- because of Adam we are born sinful. What was it like not to sin? But God has used what Satan made terrible and uses it for good, I.e. to show us His grace.
    I still wonder- why does He let His children go to hell if it was the serpent that deceived man and brought on his demise?
    And Does God love Satan?

  42. Taylor Homeyer says:

    I need to understand that my flesh will not bring me closer to God. My actions will not bring me closer to God. My good thoughts and feelings will not bring me closer to God. My relationship with Jesus Christ, my representative to the Lord, will bring me to Him.

  43. Taylor Homeyer says:

    I will tell one person I know about the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

  44. Taylor Homeyer says:

    The Gospel through and through is all about redemption. It starts with the fall of man reaches an amazing climax with Jesus Christ. The entire story is about God’s Law and His People.

  45. Taylor Homeyer says:

    Pray for my sinful heart. My anxiety for money and success. Pray that the Lord comforts my hearts towards the future and to understand that He provides.

  46. Taylor Homeyer says:

    Not only did we fail tremendously in the face of the Almighty Father, but He has provided the perfect way for us to be brought back into His presence. The Lord has provided His perfect Son to take our sins and to be a representative of man. God shows His kindness, love, mercy, faithfulness and grace by fixing a massive problem that we created.

  47. Curtis Szynkowski says:

    Our responsibility is to obey God and become His righteousness through Jesus. We can’t do it alone, no matter how hard we try.

  48. Curtis Szynkowski says:

    It teaches me that Jesus is the answer, and always has been the answer. He is the way, the truth, and the life. I am lost without Him.

  49. Curtis Szynkowski says:

    It teaches me that His overall plan was to never be separated from me. He knew when I would be born – after Jesus’ death. So this shows me that God’s plan for my life is to be forever with Him.

  50. Curtis Szynkowski says:

    I will respond by abiding in the love of Jesus, and strive to my best ability to live the life of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

  51. Curtis Szynkowski says:

    With authority and humbleness. Also this really shows me to pray about my gratefulness for what God did by sending Jesus here.

  52. David Bullard says:

    I will not cheapen the mercy and grace God has given me through Christ’s sacrifice. I am not far from sin’s consequences if it weren’t for Christ.

  53. David Bullard says:

    God’s intention for us is to have a personal and intimate relationship with him. We are most satisfied when we are satisfied in Him. But unfortunately our sin nature inherited by Adam causes us to reject God. God is so patient with us to even offer us a propitiation for our sins in Jesus.

  54. David Bullard says:

    Man is fickle. We are too quick to see ourselves as God. And when we don’t get our way, we run away from God. We are Adam, even though we might not associated ourselves with his actions. If we were put in the same position, we would choose ourselves over God always. That’s why we have our sin nature.

  55. David Bullard says:

    The Gospel has always been in place. It’s been plan A from the start. We are in constant need of a savior from our sin nature. The good news of a redeemer for man comes to us through a man himself. A better Adam, who fulfills Gods commandments and in turn sanctifies us with His sacrifice, reversing our inherited sinfulness.

  56. David Bullard says:

    God, let me not forget the sacrifice of your son, Jesus. Let me now see him as my representative before you so that I now may approach your thrown with confidence. Let me not be weighed by sin, but know that where much grace was needed, more grace was given. I am forgiven and imputed righteousness from the Father.

  57. Tanner Holman says:

    God is so much greater than I am. I could never be as righteous as He is. It makes my sin and trespass great, but God greater. He gave Jesus to be my representative to His eternal council. Because Adam was sitting there and it was not looking good. I was born into sin, but Jesus was born perfect. Thank you for a perfect child God.

  58. Tanner Holman says:

    The law was made to make sure all would trespass and we do daily. I sin daily. Hourly. But Jesus took my sin away from God’s sight and is making me more like Him every day I follow Him. We were meant to follow Him, but it is not are nature until we are in Christ.

  59. Tanner Holman says:

    The Good News is REAL good news! As a son of Adam, we are condemned by God, but when Jesus represents us, we are forever saved. It also gives me a better appreciation for Jesus’ virgin birth. And I just have a real love for the perfection of our Savior in His birth.

  60. Tanner Holman says:

    Giving all glory and honor and power to the Father. Asking for strength from temptation. And thanking Him for giving us Jesus and giving us life.

  61. Tanner Holman says:

    I will try to be mindful that I represent Christ to others. I don’t nearly represent Him as well as He represents me, (and I can’t save my self by trying to represent Christ) but I will try to be a better representation of Christ by renouncing deeds that I know are not God honoring (drunkeness, lying, hate) and that are controllable by the Spirit. I will pray for the mortification of these sins. I will pray to glorify the Father.

  62. Tom Davis says:

    By being the best representative of Christ that I can be.

  63. Tom Davis says:

    That I will not be lazy, that I will be a pleasing representative of Christ.

  64. Tom Davis says:

    That God knows us better than we do ourselves. He knows what is best for us, but is also patient enough with us to have provided Grace to us.

  65. Tom Davis says:

    When left to our own devices we will devolve into selfish choices. It is too easy to be lazy, rather than righteous.

  66. Jay says:

    There is only one perfect sacrifice. There is only one willing to repeatedly stand at the thrown and acknowledge me before the Father so that the consequences of my disobedience will be wiped away by the blood of the Lamb. Grace is offered out of Love and should be accepted and received in the same manner. No works can repay my debt.

  67. Jay says:

    Father, humble me before this world that I may take on the life of a servant in response to the example of your Son. Let me constantly remember the sacrifice You and Your Son offered in response for my continued disobedience. Give we wisdom to represent You in a way that brings You glory. Let me represent my wife and family as Christ represented the church. Continue to mold me as I stumble and pick me up as I fall. Let me remember your goodness and mercy throughout my day so that I may be a light to others.
    In Your precious and powerful Name,

  68. Jay says:

    Worship. This takes many forms each day but living my life in a way that acknowledges my inadequacies and the overflowing love and majesty of Christ is a daily goal for me. I cannot repay the sacrifice that was given for my soul but I can worship Christ in a way that brings glory and honor to Him.

  69. Jay says:

    He has an overwhelming desire to reconcile His children to Himself. That desire was strong enough for Him to give His Son over to the world for temptation and torture.

  70. Jay says:

    Our internal desires are born from humanities disobedience. ‘I am Adam’ should be a phrase we relate to as we all would have (and still do on a regular basis) sinned again God and His laws to protect us and keep us whole. Adam did not condemn us; we do that just fine on our own.

  71. Trevor Zielinski says:

    God is righteous and forever has desired a righteous relationship with his creation. That’s probably why he made it so simple for Adam. By sending his son who was a part of him, God knew that Jesus could be that the righteous representative to restore the righteous relationship that God desired.

  72. Trevor Zielinski says:

    Without a righteous representative before God we don’t measure up. Our inherent representative as humans is flawed and sinful so we need a representative who is different than us.

  73. Trevor Zielinski says:

    I must realize that without Christ there is no righteousness. Nothing I can do or say other than loving and seeking Christ can bring me closer to a righteous God. I must continually love and seek Christ in all that I say, do, and think.

  74. Trevor Zielinski says:

    Christ is our “different” representative. He is not a descendant of Adam like we are which makes him our perfect representative to God.

  75. Gregg D says:

    Jesus restored what man had ruined in the Garden. He brought us back into relationship with God by his sacrifice and victory over death.

  76. Gregg D says:

    God had a plan for a certain type of relationship with man and he didn’t give up on that when we sinned. He gave up everything to restore that relationship. It was costly to Jesus – it was painful, but because It was God’s will he did it. Why did God do it – because he loved the world, he loved us so much he would allow his own son to go through that pain for it, that separation.

  77. Gregg D says:

    In gratitude for this free gift. Walking knowing I am completely restored in Jesus. I am forgiven – that forgiveness is complete. I don’t live defeated because God has had victory over sin – I’m no longer bound by sin because the free gift of God has removed those shackles of sin from me.

  78. Gregg D says:

    That we have failed, but we have hope in our savior. He takes our sin and trespasses, forgives them and cleanses us from all unrighteousness!

  79. Gregg D says:

    God thank you for not giving up on us. thank you for loving us enough to give up everything you have so that we can know you. It cost you everything God.

    Thank you for your salvation God and the sacrifice of Jesus. Thank you for dying so I can have life. So I can spend eternity with you. So I don’t have to live in fear – but can live in confidence of your promise of heaven.

  80. Jonathan Newman says:

    We have all inherited Adam’s failure in that he stood in rejection of God himself. Because of that, we are hopeless without someone worthy to step in on our behalf.

  81. Jonathan Newman says:

    God In his wisdom made a way for us to represented in a way that we can be completely redefined and reidentified as perfect as God himself in Jesus.

  82. Jonathan Newman says:

    It is about the great exchange between our broken and fallen inheritance in Adam and the perfect and glorious inheritance of Jesus. “Indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” This redefines everything about me, giving me hope and a purpose beyond anything this world can give or take away from me.

  83. Jonathan Newman says:

    In humility recognizing that I have been in need of forgiveness and have received the greatest pardon and inheritance, so I can look at my fellow man and realize that the playing field has been leveled: all fall short of God’s standards and are in need of a savior.

  84. Mike says:

    Man is sinful and needs a savior.

  85. Mike says:

    I will ask God to increase my faith and to love him and others as he loves us

  86. Mike says:

    God is just, loving and forgiving

  87. Mike says:

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

  88. Mike says:

    With thanksgiving for his mercy and his grace.

  89. Matt Piefer says:

    Jesus is the true and better Adam. He wants me to be with him enough to the point of death. God allows me to be in his presence and he yearns for me as I should for him.

  90. Matt Piefer says:

    The Gospel is the bridge that allows Adam to be made new into Jesus. Only by Jesus can we be made like Jesus. The Gospel tells me that no deed can make me like him, but only by his blood.

  91. Matt Piefer says:

    Man has fallen. Man needs to be redeemed. Mankind doesn’t live if he is not reconciled.

  92. Matt Piefer says:

    I will respond by recognizing the need for my Savior more often. He is my ONLY need.

  93. Matt Piefer says:

    Lord Jesus let me see you and let me be made like you. Be my representative on that day when I stand in judgment. Let me be made more like you each day. Let me see your goodness in everything.

  94. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    He provided us a way that only He could provide, not ourselves, because of His great love for us.

  95. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Have a thankful heart and one of joy over what God has done for us through Jesus.

  96. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    The Gospel teaches me that there is beauty in our brokenness because of Jesus, for He is everything that we can never be and we can place our hope in Him.

  97. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Man is selfish and sinful in need of a Savior because we think that we can be God better than God can be God.

  98. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Pray to be in a constant state of thanksgiving, and that this Christmas would be about praising Jesus and not myself through gifts and festivities.

  99. McClain C says:

    “I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open” I respond with true tears of joy. Joy that God owns my past and is actively striking down my struggles. I respond with humility. I do not deserve this but am so thankful.

  100. McClain C says:

    God used Christmas as a touch point for his reconciliation on earth. He sent a son to help reclaim his broken creation using love and truth.

  101. McClain C says:

    Man is so lucky… We bowed our heads in shame in the garden where God came and raised his head. It is proven that we needed to go back to the basics.

  102. McClain C says:

    The gospel can be seen in the earliest parts of Christ’s life. It’s easy to only think about him as a man.

  103. McClain C says:

    Father, the miracle of your son is one that should he celebrated daily. It is my pray that in advent I grasp the divine timeline. I celebrate the costly simplicity that is Emmanuel’s birth. That I give thanks and honor those around me because you have done so to me.

  104. Paul says:

    His plan for us has always been for us to delight in Him. For Him to always be our source; that we may never need or want anything else but Him again. Even when man turned away from this plan, He found a way. What better proof do we need to trust Him?

  105. Paul says:

    We are weak but He is strong.

  106. Paul says:

    What better source of peace do we have than the Gospel? It is layer out for all to see. We have to ask that He would open our eyes and our hearts to relieve it.

  107. Paul says:

    Prayer and thought on what the Gospel means for me and how His plans for me are nothing but good.

  108. Paul says:

    I will pray for the Holy Spirit to cover me. For His presence in me to remind me of who I am in Him. That when doubt comes, I would be strong enough to not take that as truth.

  109. Isaac says:

    He is patient. Waiting till just the right time to send Jesus. Hundreds of years after Adam failed. He is merciful to not let us stay cursed under his just wrath. He is so just that he could not just forgive our sins with no sacrifice like the god of the Muslim does. He is perfect love and justice and both were demonstrated perfectly at the cross.

  110. Josh Smallwood says:

    That he is a truly forgiving God. That Adam (we) we chosen to represent him. And though I fail daily, he still loves unconditionally.

  111. Josh Smallwood says:

    That its holy. That nothing new is under the sun. But God is forever faithful.

  112. Josh Smallwood says:

    That we are sinful and unfortunately those who do not know Christ will never have a guide to direct them. I’m thankful I have God and the Holy Spirit to help me.

  113. Josh Smallwood says:

    I hope that I will realize that I’m here to represent Gods word and that I can fulfill Gods will that he has for me.

  114. Josh Smallwood says:

    That I will be guided in a direction that is pleasing to him. I want so much to be a faithful follower of him. I pray he will take over my heart.

  115. Blake MacNelly says:

    God hates sin. It’s such a powerful hatred…a disdain that demonstrates His holiness. It’s so great that He killed His own son. He was unwilling to let Jesus get out of paying the price for our sin. A powerful hatred combined with an equally sensational love for humanity and Himself. To send His own son to be brutality put to death. There is no logic to help me grasp how great His love is.

    It’s incredible to see Jesus in the garden. He is so vulnerable. This must have been His posture continuously, but to hear it and feel it makes it so impactful. He trusts God even in His most sorrowful moment. He asks God, but wants His will to be done. The relationship between the Son and the Father is so rich in trust and love. Jesus could only do what He did for a God that absolutely loved and cared for Him perfectly. He could only do what He did out of an immense depth of love for His Father and His glory. To rescue us from danger…Jesus trusted God’s will. It’s amazing to see how Jesus invites the disciples to pray and watch with Him. This is beautiful. Our savior asks for prayer. He asks for companions to share the burden with Him. It’s easy to forget how close Jesus is to us. He is like a brother. He is a friend. He is our King but He is our groom as well. It’s pretty amazing.

  116. Blake MacNelly says:

    I will memorize the passage given to me.

    I will dwell on the devotional.

    I will pray

    I will confess sins

    I want to have a community of men that pursue the gospel together.

    I will thank God today for Jesus and will praise Jesus for His sacrifice and love.

    I will share this story with others!

  117. Blake MacNelly says:

    We have such a tendency to fall. I love how it says to pray to keep from entering into temptation. Constant prayer and watchfulness prevents temptation from taking a hold. Yet the men who were with Jesus fell into sleep and did not do as Jesus asked. How could they dismiss or neglect something like that when they see the state Jesus is in? Our flesh is truly weak. We need Jesus and we need prayer and protection from temptation.

  118. Blake MacNelly says:

    The beauty of the gospel is that it completely leaches any condemnation that was left from our fall. The world and the populations of the world from the beginning of time will all have the chance to benefit from salvation. I love the way God’s story develops. One man’s decision leads to sin and death. Another man many years down the road lives perfectly out of His deep love for His father and through His death, righteousness and freedom for all. He fulfills all in all according to Ephesians 1. Such a beautiful statement. He is all. The gospel is meant for everyone to hear and receive and it completely covers trespasses. It is foolish to live in sin or shame when Christ is Lord.

  119. Blake MacNelly says:

    I will pray for a authentic relationship with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. One that demonstrates the bond and the love and faith between us. I will pray for a repentant heart that lives in a state of awareness and pursuit of God. I will pray for protection from temptation and friends who will challenge me to grow and develop. I will pray for desire to know and seek God. I will pray for a joy and deep understanding of the gospel. I will pray for peace and rest that allows me to saturate in the gospel rather than dwell on my imperfections or discontent.

  120. Mike Bullard says:

    We are completely unappreciative for what has been given to us so freely. We know our sins bring a deserved consequence of death and we continue on our paths of life that is centered around our wants and desires and tend to forget what price had been paid for our actions.

  121. Mike Bullard says:

    I need to live a life of gratitude for what has been done for me. My life should point to the selfless act of the cross rather than my own selfish ambitions.

  122. Mike Bullard says:

    Through one man’s death, we have a hope that is underserved. Christ set the standard of self sacrificial love and service by obediently following the will of God to a gruesome death on a cross for crimes against His father He did not commit.

  123. Mike Bullard says:

    God’s love for humanity is unfashionable. Even though we disobey time and time again, He willingly extends His grace to us regardless. Even though we did not deserve redemption, He sent His own son to pay for OUR transgressions.

  124. Mike Bullard says:

    God, help me to not forget what you gave so freely. Let my life mirror the love, forgiveness, and selfless example that was given to us by your son. Help my heart, mind, and eyes be kingdom minded and focused on Your will rather than my own.

  125. Cam says:

    I find it increasingly interesting that what God did to save man was to fulfill his half of the covenant and man’s half. The fact that he was willing to give us a second chance is a miracle, the fact that he fulfilled our half of the promise is divine.

  126. Cam says:

    We need God. Desperately.

  127. Cam says:

    The gospel is intrinsically tied to the Old Testament.

  128. Cam says:

    With worship.

  129. Cam says:

    I will pray to know Christ more and more deeply.

  130. Nate W says:

    “Grace, because God is putting everything together again through the Messiah, invites us into life…” / God rebuilds, restores, reconnects. He is welcoming us into the freedom and fullness of living with Him from a place of shortcoming. His desire is not for us to pay penance for our mistakes but to bring us into communion with Him, and wholeness through Him.

  131. Nate W says:

    “But sin didn’t, and doesn’t, have a chance in competition with the aggressive forgiveness we call grace.” / The good news of God’s grace is a overwhelming force that conquers sin and transforms lives. The Gospel is a message of hope, that while effortless and beautiful, is sharp, powerful, deep.

  132. Nate W says:

    “One man said yes to God and put many in the right.” / The point of Jesus’ representation of mankind in front of God is that we no longer have to respond. We are redeemed on the basis of Jesus’ death on the cross and no longer have to earn God’s love and acceptance through actions, works, and deeds. However, the true test of acceptance of this gift is the transformation of character.

  133. Nate W says:

    “Adam landed us in the dilemma we’re in – first sin, then death, and no one exempt from either sin or death.” / Today’s meditation emphasizes that Adam represents man before God, but I think this excerpt describes how Adam is representative of man’s nature. Without God, man causes death, destruction, and chaos. Only in God do we produce good.

  134. Nate W says:

    “Again he prayed, ‘My Father… I’m ready. Do it your way.'” / Let my life be an offering to You. We are given freely the ultimate gift of life through Jesus’ sacrifice. We see from his actions that he gave his life for others. May I live this way for the rest of my days, giving of myself, following the will of God, that I too may be a living sacrifice.

  135. Arnaldo S says:

    That the gospel says that through becoming broken, like and for me, Christ, the God-man, makes me whole. I am whole… And yet…

  136. Arnaldo S says:

    This teaches me that God’s word (commands) are seamless with his character (being). The command to Adam was an extension of his very being and therefore when I break a command, and many times I do, I break more than a rule, I break a Heart.

  137. Arnaldo S says:

    Obey and trust…

  138. Arnaldo S says:

    That I am so radically broken. To not love what is lovely: something must be radically broken. This teaches me that I am broken.

  139. Arnaldo S says:

    I just want to enjoy Him and love Him and just want to be in his presence.

  140. Brad says:

    It is so beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. It is something that cannot be earned and has certainly not been deserved. It is initiated by God, yet benefits humankind.

  141. Brad says:

    God cares. And not in a passing glance kind of way. Though we are represented first by the offensive, disgusting sin that reigned in our lives, sin that separates us from God, God decided that He wanted us back. God does not need us. He did not have to send His Son. He could have just erased us and started over. But He wanted us back. He loves us so much that He sent His son to be born as a human being, live the perfect life we were required to live, and then die the death we deserved, so that our sin was on His shoulders and His righteousness is on ours.

    And Jesus was willing to do this! He knew how difficult, how painful it would be. And yet He submitted to His Father’s will. For us. For love.

  142. Brad says:

    We are sinful. We take the easy way out. We seek immediate pleasure over that which we know is True. And without a Rescuer, we are helpless. We need a Savior.

  143. Brad says:

    With devotion, awe, and thanksgiving.

  144. Aaron Mitchell says:

    This shows me that God always has a plan and it is executed perfectly. He allowed for Adam to have a choice, and when he made the wrong one, God set his preordained plan of Christ into action. He is sovereign, He is wise, and His plan will prevail.

  145. Aaron Mitchell says:

    I already know that man is inherently flawed, but I also know that God has blessed man beyond our comprehension. The realization of the fact that one man messed up, and that God responded with His one son is simply incredible. His gift far outweighs our sinfulness, as it always does.
    Man is blessed.

  146. Aaron Mitchell says:

    This puts the power of the gospel in perspective, or at least what I can fathom. The Gospel is that good news that proclaims God’s goodness to the world. The crazy part is that I am getting to live in that every day.

  147. Aaron Mitchell says:

    I will respond with Joy!! This season is joy filled and I will revel in the Joy that is the coming of Christ.

  148. Aaron Mitchell says:

    I will pray that God will pull me ever closer to his heart, and that his joy will shine so brightly through me that everyone I see will know that God is there.

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