First Sunday of Advent

from the Advent 2015: Born Is The King reading plan

Isaiah 9:6

BY Kaitlin Wernet

Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

Over the course of Advent, we will memorize Isaiah 9:6-7 in four parts, so that we might sing with gratitude in our hearts to our Savior King. This week we are focusing on memorizing the first part of verse 6. Save the lock screen below to your phone as a reminder throughout the week, and rejoice in the child who was indeed born to us— our God, Immanuel. 

“For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.”
-Isaiah 9:6a


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  1. Ricky May says:

    Freely given, never earned
    In my heart, already burned
    In my hurt, already healed
    The King has come, so let us kneel

  2. Ricky May says:

    This is what you’re waiting for,
    Come to him who you adore
    The God-Man

  3. Ricky May says:

    Memorize. Soak in. Share. Appreciate. Take time. Breathe. Remember. Give thanks.

  4. Ricky May says:

    It’s all a gift, but even gifts you must choose to accept and cherish and use daily

  5. Ricky May says:

    Lord please help this Christmas be different. Thank you for getting me into it early this year; you know I take time to get in a groove. Please help me soak it up and find new appreciation and awe and wonder at You.

  6. Trevor DeBenning says:

    We need the child to be born. We need a savior. We need one to enter into the pit so that we might be rescued.

  7. James Kornegay says:

    That God gives.

  8. James Kornegay says:

    God gives. Even in the Old Testament God gives to us in our need.

  9. James Kornegay says:

    That man walks in darkness and is in need of a great light. The immense and amazing gift God gives is that great light that brings us out of darkness like Isaiah says.

  10. James Kornegay says:

    I need to remember that a son is given to us. Not earned by us, or somehow acquired by us. Given.

  11. Jay says:

    God knew we needed a savior because we had failed so many times at living by His rules. He knew the only way for man to be with Him was to send a savior for all our sins (past, present and future).

  12. Jay says:

    A gift was given not earned. He gave His Son to the world because He loved us. A free gift.

  13. Jay says:

    Christ was given to us. He was sent by the Father but accepted His role in our salvation. We know this as He asked His Father to Luke 22:42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” Our Savior willfully chose to endure His suffering on earth for our salvation.

  14. Jay says:

    Question what I am doing daily in response to His sacrifice and the Lord’s free gift.

  15. Jay says:

    Father give me wisdom to know your will in my life and how I can respond to your love and compassion for me. Help me know Christ in a way that transforms my mind and actions. Help me live a life that brings glory to you and acknowledges the sacrifice you made for me. Help me love others as your Son does. Help me be a witness to those that don’t know of the free gift you gave the world.

  16. Taylor Homeyer says:

    The Gospel is to be in our hearts and shared with our brothers.

  17. Taylor Homeyer says:

    Pray to receive God’s Word fully into my life everyday during the advent season.

  18. Taylor Homeyer says:

    The passage from Coloassians was impactful about utilizing the word of Jesus in our hearts for our brothers. We shouldn’t be passive about pointing our brother to Jesus, but instead “teach and admonish one athlete with all wisdom, as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” Take action–don’t be passive.

  19. Taylor Homeyer says:

    God gives us His Son. Jesus is so many wonderful things to us as Isaiah 9:7 tells us, “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

  20. Taylor Homeyer says:

    I will teach one brother I’ve learned about the gospel today/tomorrow.

  21. Andrew Kerry says:

    We are called to worship God for all that he is because he is King and he deserved our everything because he gave up everything!

  22. Andrew Kerry says:

    Even though God is king and Lord of all, he still humbled himself and came and died to forgive us and he kind for an intimate relationship with us!

  23. Andrew Kerry says:

    With everything I do, worship Hod and give him everything and also take him up on the relationship and work hard at it because I can have intimacy with the King of the universe!!

  24. Andrew Kerry says:

    God is King! He is Lord of everything, meaning that nothing can come against him!

  25. Andrew Kerry says:


    Thank you for coming to earth to save us.

    Thank you that you are Lord over everything so we need not fear what tomorrow brings, because you’re already there making a glorious way!

    Help me to worship you more and fall deeper in love with you!


  26. Ian Harris says:

    This is a personal gifting. It requires a personal response. A response fit for a King.

  27. Ian Harris says:

    The story of the gospel is the story of his journey from child to ruler. And the perfection of his gift.

  28. Ian Harris says:

    Given to us – personal, immediate, gifted
    Born – given from the beginning, set aside for just this gifting, dedicated for this purpose
    A Child – innocent, perfect, growing into an inheritance
    Government – but a child, a gift, with authority. With all authority.

  29. Ian Harris says:

    Dedicated from the beginning. A gift. A ruler. He gave his complete life to be this gift; this sacrifice.

  30. Ian Harris says:

    To take the reality of this truth, this personal gifting, this complete life, and reshape my life to resonate with its power and perfection and authority.

  31. Michael Gregory says:

    I never thought of Jesus as the real and better Abel who was murdered being fully innocent.

  32. Sam Garcia says:

    A child was born speaks of Jesus coming into this world as a humble human infant.

    A son was given speaks of Jesus giving His life for the sins of the world.

    The government upon His shoulders speaks of His millennial reign as King.

    Jesus accomplished all these to redeem (purchase with His blood) a people all His own, among whom I am.

  33. Sam Garcia says:

    A child was born and Son was given speaks of Jesus giving His life for the sins of the world, that is Good News that we need to share

  34. Sam Garcia says:

    I will continue to share Him with those in my life.

  35. Sam Garcia says:

    Lord give me boldness to share Christ with those who don’t know You.

  36. Sam Garcia says:

    Man is without hope without God in the world (Ephesians 2:12) and that is why Jesus had to come as a child and be born and why He had to be given as a sacrifice for the sins of the world as a Son.

    We look forward to His coming Kingdom and reign.

  37. Jeremy Winkler says:

    How much anticipation there was for Jesus arrival because God had spoken the event into existence long before his birth actually occurred to let his people know that everything might not be okay at this very instant, but one day I wi give a child to you and everything will be put on his shoulders and at his feet. I imagine at the time that the scripture in Isaiah was written a big issue, if not the biggest issue, was an oppressive government and/or one that did not honor God.

  38. Jeremy Winkler says:

    Continue to anticipate Jesus second coming and fix my eyes on that when worldly troubles come up.

  39. Jeremy Winkler says:

    That it is a good news and that it is the fulfillment of a long anticipated promise.

  40. Jeremy Winkler says:

    That we’re not the first inhabitants of the earth that have longed for things to be better and wondered about how God could let these things happen to his people or if he had forgotten about them and needed a little (well really, a lot of) encouragement. It reminds me that even though the Israelites/Jews had seen mighty acts of God first hand that they were still quick to forget and doubt, which makes me feel a little less terrible about how quickly I forget all the things God has done for me when a small thing doesn’t go my way.

  41. Jeremy Winkler says:

    For the Lord to come quickly and that prior to his arrival I am spilled with His spirit and an attitude of thankfulness for his first visit to earth and the sacrifice he made at that time as well as for the immeasurable gifts he has blessed me with in my quick visit to earth. I also pray for an increased willingness to make the world more like Jesus would have it looking if he had stuck around until now and for a spirit of scripture based discernment to know what that actually looks like as it relates to the social issues of the day.

  42. Shane G says:

    God’s existence has made everything in my life possible.

  43. Jake Armentrout says:

    It teaches me that Jesus is a gift to us and that the highest earthly position in this world is that of a national government and the verse says “the government shall rest on His shoulders.” Jesus is in control and He’s actively taking care of us.

  44. Jake Armentrout says:

    Knowing that Jesus is in control I will not take my problems so seriously this week and know that He has a plan and He is watching over me and my family.

  45. Jake Armentrout says:

    That we are powerless in the face of Jesus and He is our true conqueror. The world does not have power over us.

  46. Jake Armentrout says:

    The Good News is that Jesus can to Earth for us. He gave himself over to us for the sin we have.

  47. Jake Armentrout says:

    I pray to give control up to Jesus this week. Let me listen and hear His voice. He’s good and has good gifts.

  48. Nathaniel Brown says:

    We need to realize that God is with us. He came in love to show the world, to show his people that we can live in oneness with him. It is our job to show the love of God to those around us, and to make him known as king!

  49. Nathaniel Brown says:

    God came through at the right time and in the right way. Everything leads to this moment throughout history in the Bible; everyone talked about him, the story has always been about the king above all kings. God came to the earth to show us how it’s done!

  50. Nathaniel Brown says:

    I need to look past the traditional, religious, man made philosophies and focus on the character, the love, the attitude, the compassion, and the list goes on…of who Jesus Christ was and is and is to come!

  51. Nathaniel Brown says:

    The Gospel is a true teaching about the beautiful story of God and what he has done for humanity! He created us to have relationship with him. He came to the earth to show how much he adores us, and all he wants in return is to share life with what he has made!

  52. Nathaniel Brown says:

    Lord my God I need your help! I want to know you and understand more of who you are. Thank you for loving me enough to come and be born flesh, to show us the way in which we need travel. Thank you for your love that is never comprehensible. You made the way for us to draw nearer to you and that was through Jesus Christ! I want more of you God, I am passionate for you! See my heart O’God let that be what I’m know for! I love you!

  53. Ryan Miller says:

    God has had the gospel planned from the beginning. The gospel isn’t just eternal salvation of the soul. It’s political as well!

  54. Ryan Miller says:

    God always fulfills His promises. It rarely ever looks like what we are expecting but it always ends up being far better than we expected.

    No one expected the Messiah would be a baby born in Bethlehem who would die on a cross in Rome. However, without Christ the Gentiles would almost be entirely excluded from the salvation plan of God.

  55. Ryan Miller says:

    I will learn to trust God even when things around me look bad. God always has a plan and it is always good, even if it means temporary suffering.

  56. Ryan Miller says:

    We need a Savior.

  57. Ryan Miller says:

    God I pray that before you come and put the government on your shoulders, that I myself would put my own little kingdom on your shoulders. Take control of my heart and my life. Come back soon and put all of us on your shoulders. Reign on earth forever. Get the worship and adoration you deserve. We love you!

  58. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    That we are in need of a God who comes down to us because we cannot do it ourselves.

  59. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    That the Gospel is a gift, not a story.

  60. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Jesus is a gift to us from God because He is so loving.

  61. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Dwell in and praise God for the gift that He has given us.

  62. Jeffrey Messenger says:

    Pray for a continual thinking of the Gospel being a true gift from a loving God to His helpless creation and dwell on how good He is.

  63. Jonathan Newman says:

    It is about God declaring war on sin and death by the humblest means possible, both showing that God’s ways are not what humans expect and that he has glorious power and sovereignty even coming in the most powerless human form, an infant.

  64. Jonathan Newman says:

    We have nothing to do with our own justification but to accept what Jesus has given us in himself.

  65. Jonathan Newman says:

    God intervened and interacted with humanity in the greatest possible way, by becoming a human. He came to offer salvation, not condemnation.

  66. Jonathan Newman says:

    Dwelling on the gravity of Jesus coming to earth at that point of time in Israel’s history. They had been waiting for 2100 years of mostly slavery, suffering, and exile. I will think of Christmas in its truest form, not getting caught up in materialism or other distractions.

  67. Alexei says:

    We are not alone in this fight…he is forever with us and for us.

  68. Alexei says:

    God is in control; he knows exactly what, who and when we need it. Through his son we have hope and salvation.

  69. Alexei says:

    Walk boldly and confidently knowing he is with me. Yet remember and appreciate the sacrifice made and the opportunity given.

  70. Alexei says:

    The vitality of Jesus and again the sacrifice made by God to give us grace and eternal salvation against our constant sins.

  71. Alexei says:

    I pray for increased strength and motivation to maintain focus when surrounded by chaos and stay firm when laziness or alternative lesser priorities present themselves.

  72. Blake MacNelly says:

    God enjoys song. The Spirit sings and produces song within us.

    Jesus was declared God in Isaiah. He was also seen as the Counselor, just as the Spirit is. Truth of the Trinity.

    We are meant to constantly bear the truth of the gospel in our daily life. According to Colossians we cannot admonish and encourage each other unless the gospel is present.

    Gratitude in our heart is important in giving thanks and in rejoicing. Don’t be fake.

  73. Blake MacNelly says:

    Pray for joy
    Pray for contentment and gratitude
    Pray for my community to dwell in the gospel
    Pray for the gospel to be present in my mind daily
    Pray for the gospel to be made known
    Pray for forgiveness for sins
    Pray for help in loving the word and truth
    Pray for humility and authenticity

  74. Blake MacNelly says:

    The need we have of a savior. God gave us freely His son to be the Savior and the Counselor and the Father to us.

    We are meant to admonish and teach other as Christians. In the gospel.

    We are meant to sing and praise God in the spirit and through the spirit. We are meant to be grateful in our heart.

  75. Blake MacNelly says:

    The gospel was set before time began

    The gospel is essential in daily life. It is essential in community. Without the gospel, we cannot admonish or teach one another.

    The gospel is our access and provision to a Savior, a Father, a Counselor, Peace, Gratitude.

  76. Blake MacNelly says:

    Memorize the passage.

    Focus on the gospel today.

    Listen to worship music/worship Christmas

    Contemplate my joy and where I derive joy. How is my heart and gratitude/contentment?

    How is Jesus my
    -wonderful Counselor
    -Mighty God
    -Everlasting Father
    -Prince of Peace

  77. Isaac says:

    We need help!

  78. Isaac says:

    I will rejoice in my savior and gladly give him my whole heart. His perfect love driving out my fear of his intentions for my life. He’s the God that joined in humanities suffering.

  79. Isaac says:

    This shows me how generous God is. It showed how needy I am that I would need God to give his son for/to me.

  80. Isaac says:

    Without the giving there is no Gospel. John 3:16

  81. Isaac says:

    Thank you Father for giving us (Me) your Son! Help me to see the wonder of this more clearly as Christmas approaches.

  82. Andrew James Abajian says:

    We are frail. We desire & crave a savior.

  83. Andrew James Abajian says:

    The intention & authority of his timing & arrival.

  84. Andrew James Abajian says:

    Live my life as a thank you to God.

  85. Andrew James Abajian says:

    Lives were truly encountered by God to commit their lives to writing truth.

  86. Andrew James Abajian says:

    For courage & wisdom to share the love of God through word & action.

  87. Luke Nielsen says:

    That it is more than foundational teaching for new Christians , it’s fulfillment to path as a race of beings that need a saviour

  88. Luke Nielsen says:

    His plan is higher, and more involved on many more layers than I can comprehend.

  89. Luke Nielsen says:

    To daily re-align myself to the holy spirits teaching for today in this season of advent

  90. Luke Nielsen says:

    That our desire for “good kings” and “righteous leaders” is sown into our DNA, our every attempt to find white knights in this world ultimately is a path to fulfillment only found in Christ.

  91. Luke Nielsen says:

    Teach me your ways, guide me in truth, let me not be distracted by all flashing lights , guide me back to the humble manger where you want me to stay.

  92. Roman Pshichenko says:

    We need to be governed by authority outside of ourselves. Likewise we need to be loved and guided. We are loved, he came to counsel, he has expectations of us and we can expect him to be our father. All this shows us how we are man and he is God.

  93. Roman Pshichenko says:

    I will say that I want to seek God as he desires me to. I will ask that he guides me like a parent holding a child’s hand who is being taught to write. I will say that I want to perfectly surrender as Christ has surrendered. I will ask that Jesus guide me as such a child. I cannot do anything alone. I will pray that this prayer be continually said in me through the Holy Spirit.

  94. Mikah Brondyke says:

    The gospel message will cause our hearts to sing when we are dwelling on it.

  95. Cam says:

    Not a whole lot more than that he had a plan. It’s interesting to note that this prophecy made the Jews think it would be an earthly government.

  96. Cam says:

    That Jesus is coming.

  97. Cam says:

    That we need a leader sent by God.

  98. Cam says:

    I’ll memorize this verse.

  99. Matthew Johnston says:

    We need Christ. Col. 3 reminds us to remind each other of Christ and our need for Him.

  100. Matthew Johnston says:

    I want the message of Christ to dwell in me richly. I want to communicate His love and grace through my life and words.

  101. Matthew Johnston says:

    There is continuity in the old and New Testaments.

  102. Matthew Johnston says:

    He is wonderful counselor, everlasting father, and bringer of peace. He sends His son for our redemption.

  103. Matthew Johnston says:

    With gratitude, as Colossians says. Also in community and for my community. And with hope for the future, as Isaiah reminds us.

  104. Nate W says:

    “With fair dealing and right living, beginning now and lasting always.” / I need to be conscientious of what I read and make an effort to apply it to how I live. The Bible is more than words and is meant for application. The wisdom of God and the goodness of His nature, passed to me, are meant to be evident by the way I live. I am meant to be a living sacrifice and an example of God’s excellence.

  105. Nate W says:

    “No limits to the wholeness he brings..” / We are empty/lacking/wanting without God. Our lives can’t be whole without His presence and we are incomplete if we try to make it on our own. When we try to do life in our own power we cannot for two reasons: 1) our ability is insufficient and 2) our adequacy is insufficient, because without God we are not whole.

  106. Nate W says:

    “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom..” / The presence of Christ in our relationships is a source of life. The Gospel brings a rich heritage and makes our lives rich with wisdom and abundance. The lessons in the Bible aren’t just for our minds and thoughts, but they invade and culture our interactions, conversations, behavior.

  107. Nate W says:

    The most important take-away for me today is just to commit my life to living in a Godly fashion and being fully transformed into the character of God. “Salvation is free, but transformation will cost you everything.” I want to live like Christ, and for others to be changed by who I am, but there is a price, and that is surrender of self. I pray that I die to my flesh and that the Spirit of God inhabit my being, that I may be a new man: passionate, abandoned, recklessly loving.

  108. Nate W says:

    “Prince of Wholeness” / God brings completion and fulfillment. “Shower down upon the Earth, Your love will fill these voids.” He is able to be everything we need and patch the brokenness of relationships, hurt, and disappointment.

    “He’ll put that kingdom on a firm footing..” / God is stable, constant, solid. His character is secure and reliable. I can count on Him to be what I need at all times. He is the foundation of life, learning, family.

  109. Kip says:

    Man being broken and twisted by sin is in need of a redeemer who will reconcile man to God.

  110. Kip says:

    By always thanking God for His grace by saving me, whenever I pray.

  111. Kip says:

    The Gospel is the good news account mankind needs. Good for meditation, contemplation, teaching, and admonishing one another. The Gospel means we can rejoice and live amongst each other with grace and thanksgiving knowing we are redeemed and Christ’s kingdom in this broken world established.

  112. Kip says:

    God spoke through his prophets long ago that He would redeem his people via a child who would be the reconciler between God and man.

  113. Kip says:

    By meditating on the Gospel often.

  114. Aaron Mitchell says:

    As a man of God I am so blessed. I have been saved, adopted and adorned with a crown of love and glory. I do not have the words to describe my utter thankfulness to God.

  115. Aaron Mitchell says:

    I will pray that I will never loose sight of the glorious gift that God has given me. May I never be disappointed or abandoned by His joy and love. I pray that I might honor you O God in all that I do in this life. Praise be to the Lord!!

  116. Aaron Mitchell says:

    This passage shows the Gospel as it should be seen, filled with and driven by God’s love. This child that was given is given out of love and mercy and is a blessing to all who know him.

  117. Aaron Mitchell says:

    During this time of happiness and Joy, it is hard to comprehend the utter love that drove God to send his son to be sacrificed for me. I still do not know the extent of God’s love, and yet I see it all the more clearly today.

  118. Aaron Mitchell says:

    I will respond in thankfulness. My King has blessed me with his son’s sacrifice, with a good family, with people who care for me, with riches and honor, the list does not end, for His mercies are new every morning. I will praise Him for what he has done by living out the command that he has given to the church.

  119. Brad says:

    I need to see and acknowledge Jesus as my King. I need to humble myself before Him, this King of the universe who came in the form of a tiny baby.

  120. Brad says:

    That it was always part of God’s perfect plan. And that it is the greatest story of hope.

  121. Brad says:

    We are subject to King Jesus. The government will be on His shoulders, meaning that while we live in this world, we serve One who is not of this world. Our ultimate allegiance needs to be to Jesus.

  122. Brad says:

    God knew from the start that He would be sending His Son. Jesus was never “Plan B” to save the world, but was always the solution. So even before sin entered the world, God knew that He would send His only Son to save us.

  123. Grant Hogue says:

    God humbled himself on our behalf.

  124. Grant Hogue says:

    I pray forgiveness and to feel the joy of Jesus birth and love.

  125. Grant Hogue says:

    I don’t really know.

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